Barrs Ginger Ale / Dandelion and Burdoch 59p at Morrisons
Barrs Ginger  Ale / Dandelion and Burdoch 59p at Morrisons

Barrs Ginger Ale / Dandelion and Burdoch 59p at Morrisons

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Both of these drinks are usually the price as stated above. However today I managed to get 4 bottles of that wonderful ginger ale for £2.36. (although it is priced at 2 for £1.50 (a good deal in itself)) I dont know if this is store specific but this was Morries in Wellingborough, Northants

How the price works.
1.33 x 2 = 2.66
for some reason the till then takes off 1.48 which means two bottles = 1.18 which means each bottle costs 59p

brilliant drink in this weather. while ur in morries get a lemon for 30p and slice it up and go from there. crushed ice yum,

enjoy it - add rep and heat (2nd post :D)


God that takes me back to my childhood... Nice :-)

Are these the really nice 'traditional' ones in glass bottles and no sweeteners? If so, super bargain and will go stock up with D&B in the morning!

Original Poster

they are in glass bottles and im pretty sure they do not have sweetners. they are extremely tasty. I did have 8....only 7 now. very tasty.

Thanks, sounds like it is the really nice ones - details here on the Barrs website: agbarr.co.uk/agb…ent

To OP:

If they are usually 59p each as you say in your OP, then surely it is always £2.36 for 4; thus the 2 for £1.50 is a bit of a con. All supermarkets have been guilty of charging more for multi-buys and multi-packs recently.

Anyway, haven't voted as the OP text fails to demonstrate a deal.

Can confirm the reason/offer as I bought 4 bottles last night. There are thee three drinks in the offer:

Ginger Ale - £1.33
Cream Soda - £1.49
Dandelion and Burdock - £1.35

What happens is that whatever combination you buy, it will take £1.48 off if you buy two, so I bought 2 D&B, 1 Cream Soda and one Ginger Ale yesterday.

I paid £1.33 x 1, £1.49 x 1 and £1.35 x 2. Then 2 x £1.48 was taken off. If I had only bought the Ginger Beer, I would have paid £2.36 so 59p each..

Great offer, these are the best carbonated drinks I've ever tasted, no nasty artificial sweeteners like the majority of similar drinks out there, highly recommended !
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