Barry Island IPA, Home Bargains, 69 pence
Barry Island IPA, Home Bargains, 69 pence

Barry Island IPA, Home Bargains, 69 pence

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"Quality craft beer. Created by Simon Martin, aka Mr Real Ale Guide, this IPA was inspired by the IPA revolution across the pond. The boy from Barry has used a trio of hops from the US in this pale coloured ale, which is bursting with citrus aromas. a unique smooth malt taste upfront is finished off by a vigorous bitterness and 'tidy' clout of citrus and berry hop flavours."

Tastes very good and packs a punch at 6.0% vol, 330 ml bottles
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Not really craft by most standards but nice beer, heat

Anyone looking for IPA should check out M&S. My local store had 500ml bottles of Cornish IPA reduced to £1.20 and 330ml bottles of IPA Black down to £1.00. And you get 20% off if you buy 3 or more bottles. They also had some interesting looking lagers reduced in price.

Great price for this,Aficionados may like to try Lagunitus, Goose, and Sierra Nevada IPA all at Morrisons 4 for 6 quid,all bottle conditioned heat added BTW.

Had this in Kendal Home Bargains today but passed it over for last couple of bottles of "Bragging Rights" by same brewer. Not tried it yet but at 69p bottle can't go far wrong.

Have also recently tried Aldi Spill The Beans Coffee Porter at £1.09 bottle (330ml like this) and that was pretty good.

Having just tried the Bragging Rights I can see why it's 69p in Home Bargains

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A lot of the HB beers are close too their best before date and not at their finest. I often buy the odd bottle or two to provide variety in my beer fridge. This is the first time I've tasted and gone on to buy several. Hits the spot IMHO but beer preference is, of course, subjective.

Craft brewers of IPA ( like Dogfish Head ) in the US make a point of importing all their hops from Kent. Those Yanks have a long way to go before they conquer the beer world.

Its good stuff!

Ipa is ok but bragging rights is proper awful .. Spice cake with coriander .. Yuk

ASDA currently offering 4 for £5 on a load of different IPAs. My current fave is Ringwood Circadian.

@GarryRF - not sure I'd agree with you - some of the best IPAs I've tried are from the US....they're getting seriously into it....

they also have "bragging rights", again by brains, which i found far nicer, same price. wasn't too keen on this.
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Many thanks to the OP for posting this . Bought a couple of bottles to try , chilled to 9c then poured . Went back and cleared the shelves . As a trad ale drinker all my life and now in my mid 60s I find this a very good tipple . A lot of rot is spouted about short dated bottled ales and at 6% I would expect this to be still in good fettle in 12 months time .

Drinking one now, didn't realise it's 330ml but for the price and 6%! Very easy to drink.
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