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The Coma: Recut Nintendo Switch £15.85 delivered @ Base
Found 13 h, 54 m agoFound 13 h, 54 m ago
A remastered version of indie cult classic The Coma: Cutting Class, the game has been rebalanced and ‘recut’ with new and updated animations, mechanics, cutscenes and art. • Hide:… Read more
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You can. Go to simply games.


It's still at that price there.


Damn. Definitely Would've bought for a tenner. £16 isn't quite low enough to temp me.


(y) (highfive)

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Dead or Alive 6 PS4/XB1 Pre-order £38.85 @ Base
Found 18 h, 11 m agoFound 18 h, 11 m ago
Cheapest available pre-order price currently on both major formats. Free delivery - 25/01/19 release date.

£11 cheaper than Game or Amazon, so heat added. I’m not gonna preorder though I don’t think. Same as Soul Calibur 6, I’m gonna sit on it for a little while first.




Release date is February 15, 2019. Heat in the meantime...


Love DOA Good price pre-order heat added 😁

Steep Road To The Olympics (PS4) £14.39 @ Base
Found 22 h, 44 m agoFound 22 h, 44 m ago
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Steep players are invited to step up and participate in the ultimate winter sport competition: the Olympic Winter Games, where they will live an athlete's jou… Read more

Someone else had posted it >> I wish I had the time to play these games. Have Tekken 7, NBA and a couple of others still lying sealed. Really not sure why I buy them.


I suggest you take the seal off and play the game, £5 with the DLC why didn't you post on here? :/


I had bought this for £5 from Smyths a few months ago although it was for the XBox One. Still lying there sealed.


No season pass 😣

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Nintendo Switch £27.85 delivered @ Base
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
A Collection of Classics in Your Hands! - Take a piece of SNK history with you wherever you go on Nintendo Switch. Choose from over a dozen titles and experience an intense blast f… Read more
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Thanks for the heads up. Was going to get the digital version... But this tempts me to go physical


The days of the old chippy are a thing of the past. Hard to find a good one now.


NISA Europe doing a Limited Edition for £59.99 (nerd)


And you can do it again, just place your order and take your Switch out while waiting :)


Switch only? Pffftt

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Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy 2.0 (PS4) £19.85 delivered @ Base
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Includes Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot 3: WarpedUpdated 4K graphics and audio for a modernised experienceLarger 3D environment for fre… Read more
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What you just described is a remake


Not at all, no different than the numerous retro compilations re-hashed and sold at a premium using others work where the original developers and coders get next to if nothing at all. Not fresh ideas, not as high development costs, using the original game\level information. This title will likely have cost a fraction to bring to market that a new AAA title does, yet sold at a similar price. If your happy to buy at full price that's your decision, I'll wait till this game from last summer drops to a more realistic price or simply buy used instead.


More a remastering than a remake, as pretty sure they used all or most of the original games level information\design\data if not the original source code which clearly would have had compatibility issues. In fact just looked as seems they used the original level geometry and various polygon meshes. So more coded it from scratch than designed it from scratch.


Interesting that you value someone's years of work as worth £20 tops.


It's not a remaster though, it's a remake. It doesn't use any of the old code. It's not a PS3 game playing on PS4. They had to completely remake three games from scratch. £20 for this seems like a good deal to me

Toki Collector's Edition (Nintendo Switch) £35.85 delivered @ Base - see description
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Content of the Collector’s Edition: Toki Game for Nintendo Switch Wooden arcade machine for Nintendo Switch™ Exclusive prints by Phillipe Dessoly Comic with an original storyline … Read more
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Is the game only available in physical via the collectors edition? I cant seem to find the game for sale on its own anywhere.


This will always be Juju for me


The cabinet is just a gimmick, mind you in theory is a useful gimmick with the Switch screen, and a bit better than the usual wrist strap garbage, or sticker sheet etc.


Is it worth buying this for the cabinet alone? Or are there cheaper ways to buy these cabinets? Recently completed this on MAME, so might just buy the bundle and sell the game.


Ahhh so it is then, game looked very cool but was just in the hands of bad businessmen. also promised a Joe and Mac remake in the same style but never appeared

Just Cause 4 Xbox One, ps4 @ for £39.85
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Release Date: 04 December 2018

Loved part 3 on the PS4


Wonder if this will run at more than 10fps unlike the last one


Love the JC series


Yeah this looked awesome at EGX ...


So long as the voice acting isn’t as bad as JC3, I’m in.

Super Mario Party + Neon Green/ Neon Pink Joy-Con (Nintendo Switch) £88.85 delivered @ Base
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
The Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with super-charged fun for everyone! The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic e… Read more
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My son wants the game and some spare joycons for Christmas. Does anybody think this will come up cheaper ? Don't know whether to bite and just get it out the way at this price


Thanks for posting. Ordered on Amazon. Have some heat !


well i have already 3 joy con pairs but since diablo 3 is coming around the corner, a 4th pair cant be wrong. and with selling the crap mario party game the joy con pair in this bundle should be cheaper than buying a normal joy con pair.


Argh. So tempted. If only I had some friends...


It's not claiming to be a collectors edition, it's just a bundle. Nintendo realised that since this is one of the first major 4 player games that will appeal to casual and family gamers, a bundle with a second set of joycons would be a good idea. The fact that this is around £30 cheaper than buying separately, plus includes somewhat limited - if not unique - colours leaves little to criticise. Amiibos are far more niche and have less appeal than more joycons.

Samsung Evo+ 64GB Micro SDXC Card £11.99 Base
Refreshed 20th OctRefreshed 20th Oct
Great price for Evo+ 64gb card !

smiler, Pavel was answering plewis who specifically asked; "Do you have any recommendations or finds for 32GB cards"?


So ?


They are both 32GB cards


2 for £14 or ...or mayby 64gb Extreme Pro


Micro please - as I can always put them in an adapter later.

Kingston 128GB Micro SDXC Card £17.99 Base
Refreshed 21st OctRefreshed 21st Oct
Cheap 128gb card ;)

Got one of these from the deal last week in my s9+. All seems fine so far and speeds are fine but I do not record 4k or anything.


I'd imagine it would only effect loading times or game install times. Think there have been U3 cards available for around 23ish? If any of that matters.


Would this card be any good for a dash cam 1080p


Unopened on the sofa for a week... You my friend need to tidy up 😁


Games are played from RAM. You shouldn't experience any lag.

Mario Party: The Top 100 (Nintendo 3DS) - £19.85 - Base
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Ever partied with Mario? stuffed mouthfuls of pizza? dodge penguins? well, the party is back with the top 100 mini games in Mario party series history! test your memory, speed, and… Read more

Is more like the top 40 plus 60 other games of variable quality. Is still very good though and a good buy.


I was waiting for this to come down in price. Need to add to my collections


Ordered, thank you x



Resident Evil 4 - £11.85 (Xbox One) £11.99 (PS4) @
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
"Got somethin' that might interest ya! Stranger.." This is the cheapest I've seen the disc versions, new or used.
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That's cool, but it's worth keeping in mind that digital copies have no resale value. If you just wanted to play RE4 on your PS4 and then be done with it, you'd be better off getting it from Base for £11.99, beating it and then taking it in to your local CEX shop where they would give you a tenner for it. Then all you'd have ended up paying was £1.99.


Yeah, me too. It was so ahead of it's time back then and still holds up all these years later.


Bought 4,5,6 a few weeks ago on pan. £12.99 the lot. I remember completing 4 on my GameCube. Best Resi ever.


For the same price currently you can get this game with Resident Evil 5 & 6 too on the PS Store...

Flashback Collector's Edition Nintendo Switch £23.85 delivered @ Base
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Features a new save-game feature Includes the original 1992 version of the game!25th Anniversary Editon comes in a Collector's Box Also includes a retro style instruction booklet, … Read more
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Agree, even though am pretty nostalgic, would much rather pay £15 for the game without all the tat. The extras are basically the instruction booklet (which although I appreciation an instruction booklet, it is stretching the collectors edition extras for me), and the number ID card and metal cart case. I can live without all of that for a sensible price :)


Collectors edition or not this game should be no more than £15.


Or get the pi3 and play all the old games


It's been that price for 2 weeks


Keep doing what you do, great deals (y)

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch (PS4)
£8.99 delivered/switch pre-order £19.85 Base
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch is a turn-based strategy game, set on the edge of Imperial space, where your Space Marines will take on the Tyranids in a series of tactical engagement… Read more
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Thinking back think I paid £9 about a year ago it let cost me around £200 in warhammer 40k models as I knew I had to collect these guys


A pretty good game, trophies are broken but the games good


Hmm, Switch! I didn't expect that. Maybe I hadn't looked hard enough!

Elbandito,000:+Deathwatch 9.01 if someone prefers amazon fro prime delivery :)

Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner Mars (PS4/PSVR) £13.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Soon to be free... Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner Mars PS4 Game (PSVR Compatible) ZONE OF THE ENDERS The 2nd RUNNER MARS is the remaster of the original title with beautiful… Read more

Damn. I was hoping that meant it would be on plus.


Hi, I believe it is the full game in VR, third person, 4K. Sarcasm, I paid £22.85 on release. ;)


Soon to be free?


motion sickness so no good for me vr


Hi, is there alot of VR content or quite short like most VR games?