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Posted 21 May 2023

Baseus 65W GaN 5 Pro USB C Charger (Welcome Deal) £31.37/ £30.35 @ Baseus Official / AliExpress

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Welcome deal
Baseus 65W GaN 5 Pro USB C Charger Quick Charge QC 4.0 PD 3.0 Fast Charging Portable USB Type C Charger For iPhone 14 13 MacBook
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  1. dinkan's avatar
    I have this. Does charge mbp and dell laptop without complaints. But keeping this exclusively for travel
  2. flashrender's avatar
    £21.14 48% Off | Baseus GaN3 100/ 65W Desktop Charger Quick Charge QC 3.04.0 USB C Type C Phone Charger For iPhone13 Huawei Xiaomi MacBook Laptop


    Much better deal and better product. Second type C allows USB PD 20w on the second type C.

    100w one is the same price as this. So you can actually charge at 65w + 30w (C1 + C2).
    dinkan's avatar
    Thats older gan 3, this is gan 5 (Dont hold me if there is no realworld advantage ).
    Thats coming with eu plug . this one has interchangeable options with US/UK/EU. image with interchangeable plugs could be better
    This is slim and thats how they are marketing it
  3. TheBargainMan's avatar
    is that an authorised retailer? that seller account has been opened in December 2022 and has different registered information that the one here
  4. profet's avatar
    I have this (from AliExpress). Charges my laptop fine, though does get rather warm. Smallest charger I can find. Plug is swappable with included EU one, so great for travel.
  5. DOC1968's avatar
    Purchased one of these and i got a message saying item presented to customs for for assessment.
    is this bad or is it normal? The other one i ordered arrived without issue (edited)
    Sa_We's avatar
    its normal. The VAT was paid at the AliExpress site so it should clear customs in a couple of days. and it is s certified products so it will pass the tests as well.
  6. HaraldBB's avatar
    Big comparing to contemporary GaN 65W chargers. Too wide in 1st place. In real world there will be always something preventing proper insertion to the socket. You have been warned.
    And the world adapters is something will be lost in few weeks.
  7. randomusername7605281935's avatar
    Forget all the ones saying they've found this cheaper on Aliexpress. Why wouldn't you just get one of the many other 65W GaN chargers directly from Amazon with net day delivery for £25? Literally a Tecknet 65W GaN charger for £24.60 atm. In a normal shaped and sized phone charger too instead of this which looks like it might block other stuff.
    AJM407's avatar
    100% I bought a 120w desktop gan charger (kovol) for like £45 a few weeks ago and it’s a beast!

    Can’t beat Amazon’s return policy either. One of the ports on my last 65w charger stopped working after almost a year and they just refunded me when I returned it, bought the next one, happy days. If it breaks in 12 months again I don’t care, just return and buy another.
  8. mouse.mouse's avatar
    Very expensive when buying from China . I have the 95w Aukey PPS chargers bought for £25 each .
    Songbird's avatar
    That is very cheap. Where did you buy them from?
  9. Rolefitleader's avatar
    Hi,I have quite a few of their products from AliExpress and they have served me well.
  10. davocc's avatar
    I know they have a set amount of electronics to stuff into it and GaN config allows you to mix'n'match shape - but the US-only folding pins irks me and the width is a big problem operationally as often you are competing with other wall-warts when plugging in opportunistically. Going for thin is actually really useful, I'd probably make it thinner and longer than thinner and wider to overcome that problem.
  11. AJM407's avatar
    There are many, many alternatives to this on Amazon for a similar price.

    UGREEN 65W USB C Charger Plug 2-Port GaN Type C Fast Wall Power Adapter Compatible with Macbook Pro/Air, iPhone 14/13, iPad Air/Mini 6, Galaxy S22/S21, Pixel 6, Dell XPS, Asus Acer Laptop etc (Black) amzn.eu/d/8…qdI
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