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Posted 9 September 2022

Baseus Starlight Night Car Lamp - steady light/warm light/SOS light/liquid colored light/2.5h battery life - £4.50 delivered @ Mymemory

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When I looked at this I thought we can do that with our phone but actually, it can be used in 4 different modes. Check out the video.
Also, Baseus is making some quality products.

Wireless Baseus lamp - focus on functionality The new Baseus wireless car lamp will delight you with its functionality. 4 modes of lighting, battery providing up to 2.5 hours of operation, simple operation and compactness - all this makes the product perfect not only for the car. You can successfully use it wherever you need it.

4 modes of light - adjust the light to your needs The Baseus lamp offers you a choice of 4 modes of light. Check what is characteristic of each of them and freely adjust the light to your needs:
  • Bright light mode - Cool, bright lighting, ideal when you are looking for something in your car and do not want to miss even the smallest detail.
  • Warm light mode - Gentle, warm lighting promotes relaxation. Turn them on when you are waiting for your travel companion and want to rest or just feel like relaxing in your car.
  • Ambient mode - The lamp changes colors smoothly, contributing to creating an atmospheric, romantic atmosphere.
  • Emergency mode - A flashing red light that will be useful in an emergency - for example when a tire breaks through.

A lamp that won't let you down Durable battery makes the lamp work for over 2 hours. The 500 mAh battery is quickly and conveniently charged using standard USB-C cable. You no longer have to worry about a sudden power failure - with the Baseus lamp you will not be afraid of the darkest night.

All you have to do is pull The service of the lamp is surprisingly simple. Pull the special loop to turn on the light. Pull again to change mode. That's all you need to know - playing with the Baseus light is a real pleasure.

Practical design The wireless Baseus lamp is light and compact and is only 13.5 cm high so you can always have it with you and put it where you want it. To make it easier for you to use it, it is equipped with magnetic elements, thanks to which you can attach it to selected parts of your car and keep your hands free. It will light up everything you need, while you will conveniently find lost items or take care of the vehicle repair.

Use as you wish Baseus adaptations are not limited to driving only. Due to its compactness and different light modes you can use it wherever you want. Use it as a handy flashlight or take it to the campsite. The warm light mode will allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. You are only limited by your imagination - with Baseus almost anything is possible!

Key Features
  • Colour: White
  • Input power 5V
  • Battery capacity 500 mAh
  • Interface Type-C
  • Lighting modes: steady light, warm light, SOS light, liquid colored light

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  1. Avatar
    • Battery capacity 500 mAh
    • 2 hour battery life

    • seems pretty poor to me!?
  2. Avatar
    "You are only limited by your imagination", and the pathetic battery life!
    Imagine you had more battery life!
  3. Avatar
    OK the battery life isn't fantastic but you keep them charged in the car. Got 2 on a dark winter night they could be very valuable.
  4. Avatar
    Emergency? She's looks like she's having fun or about to lol

    Great for dogging.
  5. Avatar
    What's the battery life like?
    Terrible. 2 hours, and that's what they're stating - so in real world terms it'll likely be less.
  6. Avatar
    That seems like a non solution,even to the situations it depicts.
  7. Avatar
    I don't think battery life would be an issue here. Leds use less battery…
    2.5h battery 🔋 life

    17803526341662797631.jpg (edited)
    2 hours of battery life isn't great for any rechargeable light. If it was supposed to be purely as an emergency light, then I guess, at a push, it "might" be ok but then you might as well get something specific for that task.

    The idea of the coloured lighting, the mood lighting surely means a maximum possible run time of 2 hours really isn't up to the job 🤷🏻

    Seems like they've come up with an idea and cobbled together the parts and forgotten it needs power
  8. Avatar
    Nice idea/product badly designed.

    I'm sure YI did some similar lanterns a year or so ago. YI Light or something.

    Is YI a form of the Xiaomi company? (edited)
  9. Avatar
    4 pound 50 for 4, Bazzinga !!!
  10. Avatar
    Was thinking for the kid in the back but 2 hours is terrible.
  11. Avatar
    Every car should have a torch... Just not this one !
  12. Avatar
    It does seem poor - but it's £4.50 - ordered as I'm intrigued.