Basic Car Mats from Tesco Reduced from £5 to £1.25

Basic Car Mats from Tesco Reduced from £5 to £1.25

Found 11th Jan 2015Made hot 11th Jan 2015
A basic set of four car mats. Not the best quality but can't claim for the price. I got them just to use over the winter when my children are getting in the car with wet muddy boots etc. don't mind throwing them away in the spring at this price.
Bought from the Flitwick store in Bedfordshire.


That a great idea!

Good price. Is the shelf not empty

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Worked well after football this morning :-)
I moved the rest of them to take the photo of the shelf edge label. Lots left.

I have the "muddy kids" problem as well, so will drop by my local store tomorrow. thanks for the post

If these are they grey carpet ones they are surprisingly good - only flaw is that there is no backing and they move around too easily.

do you by any chance have the product/barcode code for these? May not in mine and get them as it has had the '5 pound dvd player' deal before..let me know thanks

If anyone could let me know the barcode/product number be appreciated thanks

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Barcode is 5052909659389

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