Basic Instinct 2: Uncut Version DVD just £1.99 Delivered @ CD-WOW

Basic Instinct 2: Uncut Version DVD just £1.99 Delivered @ CD-WOW

Found 9th Aug 2009Made hot 10th Aug 2009
This is the cheapest I have seen this DVD and its at a great price too. Its the sequel to the original film that came out in 1992. This one was released in 2006.

Next cheapest is £4.24 @ Power Play Direct

In BASIC INSTINCT 2, a sequel to the 1992 original, Sharon Stone resumes the role that first made her famous. Beautiful American author Catherine Tramell (Stone) is living in London, when she is involved in a sexually charged car accident leading to the scandalous death of a famous British athlete. Raunchy and irreverent, Tramell likes to shock people with both her words and her actions. Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey), who is evaluating her for trial at the request of Dept. Superintendent Roy Washburn (David Thewlis), is no exception. Just coming out of a divorce and facing the resurrection of an old situation that could ruin his career, Glass is slowly but surely sucked into Tramell's web, when he takes her on as a private therapy client. Day by day Glass realises that she has infiltrated more of his personal relationships, which also leads him to question why so many people in his circle are suffering questionable fates. Each time Glass is convinced that Tramell is guilty, she diverts suspicion in another direction. Does gossip magazine writer Adam Towers (Hugh Dancy) plan to reveal a deadly decision that Glass made in his past? Is Dept. Washburn really the upstanding cop he appears to be? Is Glass's ex-wife, Denise (Indira Varma) trying to sabotage his career? The twists and turns in the plot keep everyone guessing in this psychological thriller, directed by Michael Caton-Jones (THIS BOY'S LIFE, THE JACKAL).

Remember there is quidco available for some extra savings.

Enjoy ;-)


It's warming up in here!

Stan the man!!:thumbsup:

Uncut version does that mean there is more nudity?

soooooo bad!


Uncut version does that mean there is more nudity?

More of Sharon Stone's bingo wings?

Terrible movie, not even half as good as the original. The uncut version adds a couple of 'blink and you miss it' extras ZZZzzzz

I love the fact they are trying to market this film off the back of 'that scene' in the first movie, judging by the DVD cover.

Terrible, terrible film.

Decent enough price though.

Pathetic gets 3.8 out of 10 on IMDB

Put it this way, anyone who thinks a movie starring a post plastic surgery (and very bad surgery at that ) Sharon Stone....who was about 50 when this was made!!!.....and with Stan ( Take That Ulrika !! ) Collymore as a lead actor :p:-D:whistling::oops: is worth buying isn't going to listen to any advice offered on here.

For the saddos who buy it on the back of the original...... you're going to be VERY disappointed, and serves you right...:roll: LOL!

Down to £1.99 today.

If you use the link.

Search on the site at the lowest is £8.74

Worth it just for Stanley Victor Collymore's performance!

Seriously not worth £2, or even £1, one of the classics of awful movie-ness

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