Basix Wheel Cleaning Brush @ Homebase

Basix Wheel Cleaning Brush @ Homebase

Found 7th Dec 2013
Bit shocked to find something I wanted at Homebase for less than I could get from China through Ebay.

A £1.00 Basix Wheel Cleaning brush in the £1 red displays not far from the tills in Chippenham Homebase.

I'm assuming this is nationwide, nothing to indicate that it's a local offer.

The brush seems perfectly adequate, sturdy plastic handle and bristles on a wire loop.
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Okay for steel wheels, wheel trims but will scratch alloys.
Here's the receipt

& picture of the brush
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Should of bought four, one for each wheel ha.
lol, I use them to clean my bike, so I should have only bought two.
wot no toilet humour yet?
This is the normal price.
I bought one weeks ago, its OK, you have to keep straightening it and the plastic end cap keeps falling off but for a quid it does the job.
Shudder at the sight of these things. So the first comment states they are quite sore on alloys and can do a lot of damage. Cold for the sake of preserving the aesthetics of people's cars. But is cheap and could possibly be used elsewhere
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