Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins ABCD&E £1.79 @ Bodycare

Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins ABCD&E £1.79 @ Bodycare

Found 11th Oct 2014
For 3+. Usually about £3.70 in other shops.

The multivitamin ones for 6+ are £2.79, usually about £5
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Pain on the bum posting deals on your mobile. Took 5 attempts had to abandon the shelf photo.
Can't edit comments either...
how many in the packet ???? they sell packs of 30 for £1 in pound shop & packs of 45 @ boots for £3.69 but are on offer 3 for 2 @ minute @boots
30 in the packet. Perhaps the multivitamin one isnt that good a deal. But which pound shop are you refering to? Your random local one or a chain?
poundland , poundworld stores in a few different towns : ) may not be in all stores but worth a check though if your passing
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