Batchelors Deli box All flavours 69p poundstretcher

Batchelors Deli box All flavours 69p poundstretcher

Found 15th Aug 2016
Seems like the cheapest price of the year and other supermarkets more than 80% more costly according to mysupermarket.
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I was going to buy one then I read the Ocado reviews-
"What is the slimy looking goop. It's a deli box!"
"So disappointing"
"awful" twice more…IEW
So I was a little put off.

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ive had them. they arent nice at all. would rather have a pot noodle
A pot noodle has 16g of fat and 2g of salt (chicken & mushroom), which is what makes it so delicious, versus one of these which has 3g of fat and 1g of salt.
your talking to a big guy who has scribbled out the word diet from his dictionary lol
Worst noodles I have tasted, even cheap 4 for a £1 noodle pots you get from the poundshop taste better than these. Really dissapointing, specially as I really like the Bachelors, pasta n sauce and their super noodles, for some reason they've really missed the mark with this product line.
paid 15p at Asda but taste crap
I've only had the Cheese & Broccoli pasta one and that was really good i would buy it again
IM not very picky with my food and I couldn't stand these, they look decent enough, taste awful. I bought like four different flavours in one hit, all were rubbish and went in the bin. Try with one first before you waste more money.
dunno what everyone's complaining about, sure they're not the nicest noodles ever but they're decent. Not as good as the noodles in the packet but still as an easy/quick snack then why not. That said it also depends on how you make them, ive made them before and they've been delicious, then once or twice ive made them and they've been vile.... so take that as you will
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