Batchelors Microwaveable Pots - free - Checkout Smart / Clicksnap Tesco

Batchelors Microwaveable Pots - free - Checkout Smart / Clicksnap Tesco

Found 7th Dec 2016
Free Bachelors microwavable pots at Tesco's via Clicksnap / Checkout Smart

inc. Tomato & basil Soup dippers
Carrot & coriander
Potato & leek

Find them in the snack (pot noddle!) aisle
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Full list from Clicksnap

Batchelors Soup & Dippers Leek & Potato 288g
Batchelors High Veg Spinach Pasta with Garlic & Mushroom Sauce 280g
Batchelors Soup & Dippers Tomato & Basil 288g
Batchelors High Veg Pepper Pasta with Mediterranean Vegetable Sauce 280g
Batchelors High Protein Moraccan Chickpea Tagine 270G
Batchelors Soup & Dippers Carrot & Coriander 288g
Batchelors High Veg Tomato Pasta with Beef Bolognese 280g
Batchelors High Protein Mexican Chilli With Beef 270G
Do Tesco's express sell these ?
They are hard to find in tesco...

They are hard to find in tesco...

I agree. I looked for them today in Tesco Surrey Quays. All of the add boiling water to make meals had been moved to near the bread and cakes. There were so many different ones, it was mind-boggling.

I chose the Leek and Potato. It was one of the worst products I've ever tasted. The soup is ready to heat in the microwave. It has such a chemical taste and is nothing like either leek or potato. It was really horrible and it won't ever be eaten again in this house - even at 0p!

The others might be ok, but steer clear of this one. Vile stuff.
Got some of these today from my local Tesco, went for the Leek & Potato soup as it seemed like the best seller, had it for lunch and was pleasantly surprised, I expected it to be salty but it wasn't at all, ideal for keeping in your work locker or desk as an emergency lunch as the sell by date was July 2017.
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