Bath towels & bath sheets £1.00/£1.50 @ ASDA Instore

Bath towels & bath sheets £1.00/£1.50 @ ASDA Instore

Found 8th Sep 2012
Yesterday I got some lilac towels in ASDA.

£1 for the bath towel

£1.50 for the bath sheet

These were on the shelf with the other towels

Receipt in 1st post

People voted cold before I got a chance to add a photo. How pathetic, I hope the reason was you dislike lilac!
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Somehow managed to get it sideways. I give up!
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Good find! Going to Asda soon, hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few.
Excellent deal!!! Off to Asda now!!
bargain, will try asda
Which ASDA?

Did they have a reduced ticket or just a normal one?
Great find op have some heat.
Don't need any - but great price, heat added.
Oh awesome find, we need some new towels and for that price I can stock up!!
Bargain! Heat added!
Stopped off at rochdale one, none on sale but they didn't stock any lilac colour
never had any in our Asda they was all full price so wont be in evry store !
Hope i can find!
None in Farnborough, no lilac ones either. Store specific?
This was in Perry Barr store

Sorry can't remember what SEL they had, and the SEL had gone yesterday
Went in for a look in my branch (clydebank) not as cheap but they had their deep purple and bright turquoise down to £3/£2 .. Not as good as the lilac price but they r lovely towels..

I saw this post, and went along to Asda yesterday to see if they had any in stock. There was a whole isle full of different colour bath towels, etc. After looking at them all, I couldn't find any lilac towels. I looked right at the top, where they usually keep stock for when the original stock runs out, and there were quite a few lilac ones. Obviously, they had no prices.

I took a lilac bath towels to the counter to get it priced up, and indeed it was £1. So I didn't stop there. I went back to the towel isle, and grabbed different lilac towels to price them up. In the end, I ended up buying 4 bath sheets, 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, and a bath mat ... altogether it came up to £13!! Absolute bargain. The prices were:

Bath sheet: £1.50
Bath towel: £1.00 (They actually forgot to put one towel through, so I got it for free =])
Hand towel: 75p!
Bath mat: £1.00

Just thought I'd let you all know. Some Asda's may not stock them on the shelves, just look further.

I'm glad somebody else managed to get some!
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