Bathtime Buddies Wet and Stick Alphabet Set £1.97 @ Wilkos instore!

Bathtime Buddies Wet and Stick Alphabet Set £1.97 @ Wilkos instore!

Found 14th Jul 2010
Found this bargain at my local Wilkinsons store, great price & great fun!!

Bath Time Buddies - Wet ‘N’ Stick Alphabet Set - Jar filled with 65 coloured foam letters that stick to the bath when wet.

Fun letters for bath time fun and learning, plastic jar filled with 65 colourful foam letters that will stick to the side of the bath or tiles. The jar has plenty of vowels allowing the spelling of many words. Making bath time educational and fun!
The lid of the jar is punched to allow the letters to be stored and drain after use ready for the next bath time.

My son loves them, I emailed and asked about availability and was told they are widely available at most 'larger' stores with toy departments.


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nice! will look when out n about friday - heat added

Thanks, will have a look for these.

hot deal - I found these invaluable when teaching my kids to spell, As when in the bath there are very few other distractions, good for leaving messages to the other half too- i.e clean bath! lol only wish i could give you rep Op.
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