Batiste dry shampoo 3 for £3.49 delivered- thats £1.16 EACH @ superdrug (usually £2.13 each)
Batiste dry shampoo 3 for £3.49 delivered- thats £1.16 EACH @ superdrug (usually £2.13 each)

Batiste dry shampoo 3 for £3.49 delivered- thats £1.16 EACH @ superdrug (usually £2.13 each)

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3 batiste dry shampoo full size cans delivered.

Only a few left to choose from but I have found that they seem to replenish stock quite quickly.

Superdrug currently have free delivery on everything - runs until Feb 14th


DD goes through this like we have no water or shampoo
Heat added

I Love this stuff!! HOT!!

Fantastic deal! My daughter gets through loads of this stuff and you even pay £1.49 at Home Bargains!! Heat from me and cheers.

Excellent find thanks - daughter uses it a lot. Bought a load the last time they were 99p but this is still a great deal. Heat added

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Also saves having to go out in this rotten weather to re stock, let them bring it to your door... me a lazy cow

Why not just wash your hair?

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OH & daughter both like this. I'm bald which is cheaper.

Don't forget 9% Quidco!! X)

Isn't it better to have a shower?

Great deal, always handy to have a can at home!

Thanks for this, always meant to try it. Have ordered 6 cans, so it'd better be good stuff!

This stuff is great for if you go camping and don't want to risk the icky showers!

Brilliant thanks! Still had 3 of the blush in stock so managed to get some. Hot!

I took the 'diva' one to a festival abroad last year, was SO hot yet this stuff made my hair look and feel freshly washed each day. I would not go away without it!

Great stuff, thanks

Brilliant stuff. My hair can't handle being washed every day, this sorts it out a treat

most of the nice ones are out of stock

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I spotted this deal last weekend and a lot were OOS then but by Monday they all become available again.

I would check back now and then as they must restock quite regularly and I would imagine a lot of people are taking advantage of the free delivery ATM.

I don't think deal should be expired if they sell out. Price will stay the same and stocks will be replenished and its free delivery until 14th.

Ordered 3 to try out sounds good from what people say. Hope it is

Great, OH goes through this quickly aswell! Thanks OP!


Why not just wash your hair?


Isn't it better to have a shower?

If you're filthy, yes, but if you just want a bit of a freshen-up, not always. I have a shower every morning, but I've got a lot of hair and it takes ages to dry it. Therefore I just don't have the time/inclination to wash my hair every day, and to be honest it doesn't really need 'washed', just freshened up a bit. Suppose it's a bit like how some people put a towel in the wash after they've used it once - I used to, but now use the same towel a few times. So long as it's clean, it doesn't really need a full wash. Saves time, energy and wear & tear.

The 'Brit' is showing as out of stock ('email me') but it still let me add it to basket and checkout. Another one was showing as in stock, but wouldn't! I think they're a bit overwhelmed with demand on this offer so I reckon just give it a go and see what you can get!

Brunette one not on the offer

They're all available again now!

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they seem to get plenty stock do superdrug

Is this instore too?

Got mine today, great quick delivery.
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