Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition XBOX 360 £15.04 @ Tesco PLUS QUIDCO

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition XBOX 360 £15.04 @ Tesco PLUS QUIDCO

Found 22nd Sep 2010
I just ordered this as I never got it the first time round. Thought it was a good price at £15.04 for all the additional content, 3d glasses and nice packaging. I hope Tesco fulfill my order like they did with the Spider-Man Trilogy bluray! So it's £17.70 on the website but use the 15% code to take it to £15.04 and remember Quidco too!

The Dark Knight must bring order to the corridors of Gotham’s psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane in this adventure title that blends combat and stealth.

Rather than follow the events of the modern day Batman films, Batman – Arkham Asylum is more closely linked to the style of the comics themselves, offering a heavier and more menacing look for the Dark Knight. When the inmates of Arkham Asylum are set loose by the Joker, it’s up to the Batman to roam its dark halls and regain control.

Batman is no stranger to the world of video games, but few have managed to replicate the character’s use of stealth, striking fear into the villains he faces. Arkham Asylum offers brutal combo moves for up-close combat, but Batman’s real strength lies in his ability to observe each environment and pick off enemies one by one. As well as the usual bevy of thugs for Batman to mow through, some of the comic’s most infamous villains are on hand, including Poison Ivy.

Arkham Asylum is one of the first Batman titles to capture the style and atmosphere of the more adult comic series, giving Batman a series of stealth abilities more suited to his superhero roots..


Great price for a new copy of this.

says unavailable

I saw this instore in asda yesterday for 12.99 , with the extra content included .
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