Batman: Arkham Asylum - NEW (Platinum) - PS3/XBOX360 (78% off RRP!) £9.95 @ Zavvi
Batman: Arkham Asylum - NEW (Platinum) - PS3/XBOX360 (78% off RRP!) £9.95 @ Zavvi

Batman: Arkham Asylum - NEW (Platinum) - PS3/XBOX360 (78% off RRP!) £9.95 @ Zavvi

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Awesome game. (211/219 people on Play have rated this 4* or 5*! They can't all be wrong)

Just look at some of its accolades:

Game Informer named Arkham Asylum "Game of the Month" in its September 2009 issue.

Giant Bomb awarded Arkham Asylum their Multiplatform Game of the Year 2009.

Games Radar awarded Arkham Asylum the Game of the Year award, narrowly defeating Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

GameTrailers named the title both Best Action-Adventure Game and Biggest Surprise of 2009.

It won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award for Game of the Year as well.

"Outstanding Character Performance" (for the Joker), "Outstanding Achievement in Game Design", "Outstanding Achievement in Adapted Story" awards for the 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and nominated for "Outstanding Achievement in Animation", "Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition", "Adventure Game of the Year", "Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction", and "Overall Game of the Year".

The video game was also nominated for several Game Developers Choice Awards including "Best Game Design", "Best Writing", and "Game of the Year".

GameSpot awarded Arkham Best Atmosphere and Best Use of a Creative License in their Best Games of 2009 Awards.

...AND...It's less than a tenner....what are you waiting for?!!


£2 cheaper if you get a pre-owned copy from and the game copy comes with exclusive dlc


well xbox only

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skm21...except that the offer you've posted is out of stock!

Awesome game got it the other week from play for £10

Note this is the platinum version (Same as the one from Play)

I know some people are fussy about the cases lol
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Cheers RossMission, amended title to reflect the "Platinum" issue. Never understood why some people have issues with that!

hot for xbox non-classics version, at least I hope.
sbk x only 9.95 too, bit cheaper than else where, getting for my dad.

3.5% Quidco or Topcashback

I think 78% off the RRP is a bit of an exaggeration aren't platinum games 20 tops? either way this is a great game and I don't usually enjoy beat-em up/fighting games. I suspect this price will be about standard for the game now

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First things first, the game enclosed is the same game whether or not it is in a sleave which does or does not say the words "Platinum".

The 78% figure (wright/wrong based on the RRP) has been taken directly off the Zavvi website advertising this game/offer.

Hopefully the fact that it is Platinum will not stop/lessen people's enjoyment of this game.

Hell, it's a tenner, is it really worth arguing the toss over?

This is a brilliant game, And for a tenner it's probably the best value for money game you can get. Gameplay is good, graphics are brilliant and it's a free roam, With plenty to keep you occupied after the game is complete.

Get this or wait for the GOTY to be as cheap? What's the DLC like on this game?

If you haven't played this before and even if are not into batman and are thinking about whether to buy it or not...buy it.


Gone to £12.95
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