Batman Arkham Asylum (PC) £17.99 + Free Del @ TheGameCollection

Batman Arkham Asylum (PC) £17.99 + Free Del @ TheGameCollection

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No idea on price but one of the best games I have ever played, easily worth £17.99! I completed it a few weeks ago and am playing it again, it's that good! Hot!

got to agree it is very good game only prob is i upgraded to window 7 and i have a unfinished game on my vista hard drive how do you install into a windows 7 drive ??

Instal the game onto 7, then locate the save file on the vista hd. The save file will be in whichever directory the game was saved under, if your drives are not partitioned look in the C Drive. As it's games for windows it could be in a sepaerate folder in your documents which should be titled games, if not it'll be in the program folder of the C Drive.

When you find the file, copy it from the vista drive and place it into where the game has been installed on 7.

As this is games for windows does it connect to live and give achievements?
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