Batman bathmat only £1.49 @ home bargains

Batman bathmat only £1.49 @ home bargains

Found 20th Nov 2013
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love it
Great deal! Heat added
I've put hole bargains
Brilliant price. Any other types?
I hope they have the batman one in my local, my son loves batman.
Amazing price I paid a tenner for one from truffle shuffle
This deal and the Superman one are competing. If Superman gets more heat does this mean he'd win in a fight?
saw this tonight in my local to be fair the batman one look better, there was only one superman left though loads of batman's!
Batman leads so far...

Only 1.49 at Hole Bargains

...a new sex shop?

What's the difference between Batman and a scouser? Batman can go out without Robin. Heyyyy!!!! Dat's racist! Some of my best friends are scousers, etc.

you posting from prison?

No! I'm in the 80s and I've just invented a time machine and needed to bring my stylin's to the futures.

A lot of my friends really are scousers, and the only thing they've stolen is my heart.
lol, would love to see the wife's face if this was on the bathroom floor!!
This has got me thinking about Alfred in the batcave getting fed up facing up with Bruce's sweaty carcass after he's been out all night punching cats and penguins in the face in that rubber suit.

"Alfred, I've been gathering data on the whereabouts of Joker's plan of attack, could you triangulate these positions in the Bat Computer..."

"No, sir, you fekkin keff of rotting badgers and my eyes is stinging from yo stink; I sent out the Bath Signal hours ago and I am doing nothing until you scrub them rancid pits, sir."*

*Suprisingly no google image for "Bath signal" already exists and I'm far too drunk to knock one up.
You cant beat a bargain hole.
doesnt exist according to thei website
None at beeston nottingham
Just got myself one from the one in Poole. Quite a few left!
Cold, not Wonder Woman!
They still have in Reading. Plus they got Superman us well. I bought 3 of them, just a hour ago!

None at beeston nottingham

Cheers, saved me a trip!
They had them in Manchester road bolton store, I picked up two earlier and they had lots left.
Duna duna duna duna duna duna duna BATHMAT
Damnit i missed a duna
is this only instore ?? x
Wishaw branch had a few today.
I sometimes worry about you people.
Tru Faith

Wishaw branch had a few today.

Why mate?
got batman ones in irvine store heat added
Got the last one in Newtownards :-)
Picked one up tonight in Bradford. There were a few Batman ones and 2 Superman ones.
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