Batman Graphic Novels - Kindle / ComiXology£3.32 @ Amazon

Batman Graphic Novels - Kindle / ComiXology£3.32 @ Amazon

Found 29th Dec 2017
Noticed that Amazon have a sale on Batman Graphic Novels at the moment.

These can be read on either Kindle or through the ComiXology app if you have it linked to your Amazon account.

Some great titles available.

Also noticed that V for Vendetta was the same price so maybe there’s a few other titles on offer too.

See links to some recommended titles in FP
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It's actually a sale on most DC collected editions. Comixology have got a DC sale on until 4th January with pretty much every collected edition that isn't an omnibus or deluxe edition available for £2.99. are shadowing this sale on which is much more closely linked to and after converting from dollars to pounds the price comes out at £3.32.
Tom King's Batman is the pick for me. Volumes 1 - 4 and Batman/Flash: The Button all available for £3.32 each.
I have a first edition of the Killing Joke. Not for sale but thought I'd mention it.
Not Just Batman but lots of DC characters graphic novels are onsale up to 80% off,they are a couple of pence cheaper on Comixology too as the killing joke is £2.99 via Comixology site
Graphic novels in digital format just isn't the same.. maybe that's just me.
I have a physical one of these, signed by Alan Moore.
Heat for the price, and the cause!
Also, if your buying through the ComiXology website you can use the code READCOMICS for an extra 15% off, bringing the price of these down to £2.54 each.

I have long struggled with the physical verses digital dilemma. I have come to the conclusion that there is a place for both.

For sure nothing beats reading a physical copy of a comic you love, I think a lot is from the nostalgia I have from growing up with them. But the ComiXology reading app is now very good, the colours are very bright and the pages pop, and the guided view system is slick and works very well. Not the same as reading a physical copy, just different.

And at these prices you can read a lot more and everything becomes muchmore portable.

So I buy, collect, read and treasure the ones I really love, and use digital for expanding and exploring everything else.
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