Batman Legacy (Blu-Ray) Batman 1-4 £34.99 @ HMV Plus Quidco

Batman Legacy (Blu-Ray) Batman 1-4 £34.99 @ HMV Plus Quidco

Found 27th Jan 2009Made hot 27th Jan 2009
Boxed set including the first four Batman movies.
BATMAN: Inspired by Frank Miller's graphic novel THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, this gothic, Wagnerian treatment of the Batman mythos explains the origins of Batman and his nemesis, the maniacal Joker (a ripe Jack Nicholson), who has sinister plans for the citizens of Gotham City.
BATMAN RETURNS: As the pitiful, orphaned psychopathic freak the Penguin and the power-hungry capitalist villain Max Schreck (named after the actor who played Nosferatu) plot to gain domination over Gotham City, the Caped Crusader battles an equally fatal distraction... Cat Woman.
BATMAN FOREVER: Gotham City is once again under siege, this time by the mind-controlling Riddler and the diabolical Harvey Two-Face. The Caped Crusader cleans up with the help of his new side-kick Robin in this effects-laden thrill ride.
BATMAN AND ROBIN: The Caped Crusader returns to battle the abominable Mr. Freeze and green-thumbed Poison Ivy. To save his ailing wife, Dr. Victor Fries turns to a life of crime after a hideous accident makes him unable to tolerate even moderate temperatures, while Dr. Pamela Isley falls victim to mutated plant DNA when things go awry in a jungle laboratory funded by Wayne Industries. Of course, though their interests are diametrically opposed (Freeze wants another Ice Age; Ivy wants to make the world safe for plants), the two villains team up to defeat Gotham's dynamic duo of Batman and Robin, who are joined by butler Alfred's motorcycle-obsessed niece as Batgirl. And when Alfred is diagnosed as having the same terminal disease as Freeze's wife, the trio find themselves not only fighting an altruistic battle, but a personal one as well. A frenetic, colourful, and often overwhelming sequel to the films that precede it.


£34.98 amazon,,,,

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£34.98 amazon,,,,

Ok but HMV also gives you Quidco :thumbsup:


Ok but HMV also gives you Quidco :thumbsup:

I knew what you meant, it was just an alternative buddy,,,

Release date: 16-3-2009

£8.74 each it works out at so cant be bad. Ive only really liked Batman Returns & Batman Forever so not for me but good if you fancy them all in High Def.

Think its not so attractive £££££££££££ wise, personally
Can't see the attraction of Blu Ray meself


Think its not so attractive £££££££££££ wise, personallyCan't see the attr … Think its not so attractive £££££££££££ wise, personallyCan't see the attraction of Blu Ray meself

Its fantastic on a decent full HD TV. Like my samsung .... :-D

not sure whether to get this set, or just the first 2. as the last 2 are, in the words of Mr Freeze ... 'ice cold' ..:p

middle age billionaire has teenage boy live with him that wears tights and a leather gimp mask...

i wonder what the daily mail would make of bruce wayne

Good price so voted hot.....

Shame they're just awful films.

Good if you like all the films but I only liked the original with Uncle Jack and Keaton. Not seen that less than £10 yet on BR.


Even though i only like the first 2 films in this set i have to say this is a decent price for anyone who wants all 4. Less than £10 for each title. I already have the first 2 on Blu Ray and the picture quality is amazing when compared to the DVD! Well worth it!
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