Batman Mega Deal - ARGOS - Was: £29.96 Now: £12.99 - Bargain

Batman Mega Deal - ARGOS - Was: £29.96 Now: £12.99 - Bargain

Found 29th Jun 2008
Includes 1 Batmobile, 1 Bat Jet and 2 Batman figures.


Was £9.97 a while ago - ]http//ww…-b/

Its a better batman figure in the assortment than illustrated (picked this up a while back when it was under a tenner), the figure supplied has batman in his traditional black and grey outfit (with the optional blaster shown) rather than some black purple variant (well the pack we got did anyhow, cant speak for them all obv).

This pack goes great with the arkham asylum pack that you can get in some branches of woolies (norwich riverside certainly had it last time i was in) instore for £15.


Was £9.97 a while ago - … Was £9.97 a while ago - ]

Cheers, I was just going to say that............;-)

Q. How does Batmans mum call him in for tea?

A. Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner Batman!

Thank you...I'll get me coat :whistling:
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