Batman The Animated Series 1 & 2 £8.99 @ HMV

Batman The Animated Series 1 & 2 £8.99 @ HMV

Found 12th Jul 2008
Was in HMV today and they had special offers on Batman DVD's. Of particular interest were the entire series 1 and series 2 of the 90's Batman Animated series for £10 each. That's 28 episodes for a tenner each! Bargain for such an awesome series.

The saddest part is that when I asked they said they didn't do volumes 3 or 4.

This was instore at HMV, however they're £8.99 on HMV's website with free delivery. Though it's only an extra pound to get it right away.


Good deal

Hot deal for me. Thanks

I love this cartoon series. Brill will be buying for sure!


That post was from over a year ago, so not really a duplicate :w00t:.It's … That post was from over a year ago, so not really a duplicate :w00t:.It's common to see reposts normally after 2-3mths without them getting spammed, as you have no idea what happened to the price in the interval. :thumbsup:Direct link to Batman Dc Collection: Volume 2: 4dvd > ];5;30;65&sku=532708

I bumped the original post days before this deal was posted as the price is back down to what it was a year ago.

There are plenty of deals on HUKD that have been here for long periods of time, it's not really hard to use the search function and just give them a bump. I mean it is the same retailer and the same price. All credit to edi who found it originally.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is I have to agree with sigma such that after 2-3 months reposts are generally common place on the forums I visit.
As the standard default search entry is set for up to 6 months I would have thought those posted over a year ago can definitely be classed as old news and generally not searched for. Although fair play to you Batman2 for bumping it if you can be bothered to search that far back :thumbsup:
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