Batman: Year One - Deluxe Edition(Paperback) by Frank Miller/ David Mazzuchelli RRP £9.99 only £5.49 + Free Delivery @ Amazon (Also Dark Knight Returns £6.59 /The Dark Knight Strikes Again £7.49 / All Star Batman & Robin Vol 1 £5.99)

Batman: Year One - Deluxe Edition(Paperback) by Frank Miller/ David Mazzuchelli RRP £9.99 only £5.49 + Free Delivery @ Amazon (Also Dark Knight Returns £6.59 /The Dark Knight Strikes Again £7.49 / All Star Batman & Robin Vol 1 £5.99)

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From master storyteller Frank Miller ("Batman: The Dark Knight Returns", "Sin City") comes the most incredible Batman story of all...and the inspiration for the worldwide smash-hit movie "Batman Begins!" Lieutenant James Gordon takes up a new post in the crime-ridden and corrupt city of Gotham, while billionaire Bruce Wayne returns to the scene of his parents' deaths, intent on avenging their memory. Each faces trials and challenges of their own, only for their lives to become irrevocably and potentially tragically intertwined...This all-new, deluxe edition features new introductions by Miller and Mazzuchelli, pencils, promotional and unseen art, script pages and much more.

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Batman: Dark Knight Returns (Paperback)
If any comic has a claim to have truly reinvigorated the genre then The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller--known recently for his excellent Sin City series and, previously, for his superb rendering of the blind superhero Daredevil--is probably the supreme contender. Batman represented all that was wrong in comics and Miller set himself a tough task taking on the camp crusader and turning this laughable, innocuous children's cartoon character into a hero for our times. In his introduction the great Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing, the arguably peerless Watchmen) argues that only someone of Miller's stature could have done this. Batman is a character known well beyond the confines of the comic world (as are his retinue) and so reinventing him, while keeping his limiting core essentials intact, was a huge task.
Miller went far beyond the call of duty. The Dark Knight is a success on every level. Firstly it does keep the core elements of the Batman myth intact, with Robin, Alfred the butler, Commissioner Gordon and the old roster of villains, present yet brilliantly subverted. Secondly the artwork is fantastic--detailed, sometimes claustrophobic, psychotic. Lastly it's a great story: Gotham City is a hell on earth, streetgangs roam but there are no heroes. Decay is ubiquitous. Where is a hero to save Gotham? It is 10 years since the last recorded sighting of the Batman. And things have got worse than ever. Bruce Wayne is close to being a broken man but something is keeping him sane: the need to see change and the belief that he can orchestrate some of that change. Batman is back. The Dark Knight has returned. Awesome.
Product Description
This ground-breaking synthesis of comic-book icons and modern cinematic sensibilities redefined an American myth and reshaped the face of modern graphic novels. And now, a decade later, it's inspire a new generation! This edition contains 28 pages of never-before-seen sketches, art and text, with a new cover, designed by Chip Kidd. This is the tale of a tortured hero's twilight and his efforts to save the city he had once sworn to protect from spiralling relentlessly into chaos. Batman's struggles with a new breed of criminal, the training of a new Robin, and his fateful final encounters with Superman, Two-Face and The Joker, are all woven together seamlessly to mark a warrior's mythic rite of passage.
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (Paperback)
The Dark Knight Strikes Again is Frank Miller's follow-up to his hugely successful Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, one of the few comics that is widely recognised as not only reinventing the genre but also bringing it to a wider audience.
Set three years after the events of The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again follows a similar structure: once again, Batman hauls himself out of his self-imposed retirement in order to set things right. However, where DKR was about him cleaning up his home city, Gotham, DKSA has him casting his net much wider: he's out to save the world.

The thing is, most of the world doesn't realise that it needs to be saved--least of all Superman and Wonder Woman, who have become little more than superpowered enforcers of the status quo. So, the notoriously solitary Batman is forced to recruit some different superpowered allies. He also has his ever-present trusty sidekick, Robin, except that he is a she, and she is calling herself Catwoman. Together, these super-friends uncover a vast and far-reaching conspiracy that leads to the President of the United States (Lex Luthor) and beyond.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again is largely an entertaining comic, but much of what made The Dark Knight Returns so good just doesn't work here. Miller's gritty, untidy artwork was perfect for DKR's grim depiction of the dark and seedy Gotham City, but it jars a bit for DKSA, which is meant to depict an ultra-glossy, futuristic technocracy. Lynn Varley's garish colouring attempts to add a slicker sheen, but the artwork is ultimately let down by that which worked so well for DKR--this time around, it just feels sloppy and rushed. The same is true of the book's denouement, which happens so quickly that it leaves the reader reeling and looking for more of an explanation. Moreover, DKSA is packed full of characters who will mean little to those unfamiliar with the DC Comics universe (eg, The Atom, The Elongated Man, The Question).

Perhaps the book's biggest failing is that where The Dark Knight Returns gave comic book fans a base from which to evangelise to the uninitiated, The Dark Knight Strikes Again is just preaching to the converted. Comic book superhero fans will find much to enjoy here, but others would be better off sticking with the original. dition.

Product Description
Some years after the events of "The Dark Knight Returns", America has become an even worse place to live. But a hero has come to change everything, bringing an army of other forgotten heroes to bear in the war against crime and corruption. Batman's time has come again.

All Star Batman & Robin Vol 1
Perhaps the two most critically successful and best-selling comics creators ever to tackle the Dark Knight - Frank Miller ("Batman: The Dark Knight Returns") and Jim Lee ("Batman: Hush") - join forces for the first time! These are the early days of Gotham's greatest hero as you've never seen them before! Relive the terrible tragedy that led to Bruce Wayne taking on the mantle of the Bat...the recruiting of Robin, the Boy Wonder...and much, much more! Frank Miller's uncompromising dialogue and hard-as-nails plotting, wedded to Jim Lee's sublimely explosive action scenes and masterly linework, make for a combination that no comics - or Batman - fan dare miss!
About the Author
Frank Miller has won numerous awards and critical acclaim for his work, which includes Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, 300 and Ronin. His Sin City series was made into a highly successful movie in 2005. He is currently writing All-Star Batman and Robin and the forthcoming Batman: Holy Terror. Jim Lee co-founded Image Comics following his multi-million-selling X-Men work for Marvel. He has pencilled countless comics - all of them best-sellers.

Rats I would order this but I think the Batman : The Killing Joker is a better buy. Plus can only afford one lol.

Heat added btw.

It's typically sold for this price throughout the year, no rush I would say. Hot though as it's awesome

Good price on dark knight returns also…8-1

i think year one is better than killing joke

if i didnt have both i would buy millers one, its a much better story imo.

Definitely worth getting, for anyone who doesn't own it. Good price too.

aw man, really wana buy this, killing joke, dark knight returns + strikes again. y does this site always make me buy money!

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Thanks for the heads up on DKR staffsMike

I've had a look on Amazon and found a few Batman/Frank miller Graphic Novels that are the cheapest prices around. I've added them to the title and details about each one.

Hope this is of use Batman/Miller fans
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