Battalion Wars II - Nintendo Wii - £3.45 Delivered @ Amazon Marketplace (Online Game Shop)

Battalion Wars II - Nintendo Wii - £3.45 Delivered @ Amazon Marketplace (Online Game Shop)

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Found 29th Nov 2011
Cry `Havoc!` and let slip the commanding officers of Battalion Wars 2!

Tricked into believing that the Solar Empire is developing a devastating superweapon, Commander Pierce and Colonel Windsor of the Anglo Isles launch a pre-emptive strike. General Herman and Brigadier Betty of the Western Frontier are on garrison duty in the Solar Empire when the Anglos strike, and assist Empress Lei-Qo and Admiral A-Qira in repelling the invaders. But as the nations of the world, including the Tundran Territories, are once again propelled into all-out conflict, it becomes clear that a shadowy figure is pulling the strings from afar.

Challenge up to three friends to see who is king of the jungle with a four-way split screen mode
20 single-player missions
Five new naval units - battleship, frigate, dreadnought, submarine, and transport
Three online multiplayers modes - Assault, Skirmish and Co-Op
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Go on buy it, it's excellent!
Added to basket and Amazon pop up message said no longer stock available at this price so was directed and purchased directly from Amazon at £4.28 instead.
Managed to order a copy for this price. Not from amazon but so long as the game works it's an absolute bargain!

I just hope Amazon honour my Fire Emblem Wii order and it'll be a very happy Christmas!
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