Battery and 12v Portable Pressure Washer - half price til the 15th  £49.99 @ Clasohlson

Battery and 12v Portable Pressure Washer - half price til the 15th £49.99 @ Clasohlson

Found 13th Jul 2012
This portable battery operated pressure washer is identical to the Mobi V-17 at £149.99 so even at the full price of £89.99 this is a bargain, but right now it's only £49.99 til this Sunday! Although the Mobi has great reviews I have to admit I was a bit sceptical if this was going to give a decent performance but it really is powerful enough to wash the car or bike down when a "proper" mains unit isn't available. I've found the battery to last for about three and a half refills of the 17 litre tank, used at various pressures before I had to plug it into the 12v socket in the boot. All I can say is this is great!
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Cant order? And not sure about 9 bar max pressure?
out of Stock
9 bar is taking the p*ss ...
A hose pipe would do a better job, 9 bar is just so weak man.
Anyone used this for washing off dirt bikes before transporting home?
Been using one (Mobi V-17) for the last year for cleaning my bike, great bit of kit for keeping in the car. From experience, the reservoir holds enough water to wash one dirty / muddy bike, or 2 cleanish bikes.

Yes a hose pipe would be better, but not everyone has the option of one, and you can't take a hose to the trail head with you.

Great price if you have a store with stock near you.
Thanks 'jimc101'. It looks like a trip to the shops for me!!

out of Stock

it's not out of stock. It's store collection only and it expires tomorrow.
Trust me... This is more than adequate for cleaning the whole car.
Just bought one in Doncaster. They had about ten on the shop floor. I don't know why this has been expired.
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