Battery Operated Camping / Beach Air Pump Now £2.99 @ Morrisons
Battery Operated Camping / Beach Air Pump Now £2.99 @ Morrisons

Battery Operated Camping / Beach Air Pump Now £2.99 @ Morrisons

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These are usually around £7-10, so great price.
Very useful for inflating Air beds / Pillows when camping, or all the kids inflatables (Sound like Dale) on the beach.I've had one for about 5 years now, and it's been a great time and effort saver, and yet small and lightweight enough for camping.

Hope it'll be useful for your holiday, or if you're on your own and lonely, for your inflatable dolls & sheep! lol
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Where did you find this ???

National or store specific?

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National or store specific?

Found in LB, but the guy I asked said it's national all stores now clearing camping related items, enamel plates, cutlery etc, but I guess not all stores have camping stock.

it's national but its to clear through stock (was £5) however its actually £3. I didn't get one as wasn't sure of cost of batteries compared to buying a cigarette lighter version (I got one of those for £5.99 from aldi last week)

They also have 2 man doom tents reduced from £12 to £8..... quality must be terrible though

They are useless! Mine only works if held a certain way

Yeah I have a battery one and an identical one that you plug into the mains. The battery one is useless. 12v mains one is good

4 x d batteries would cost double what this is.... rechargeable ones are the way to go.

oh and by the way, saw it in Morrisons Maidstone

AVOID ! got one myself and as above only works if held in a certain direction. Batteries last very little time and are 4 large D type. Your better off getting a plug in one - that's assuming you have your car with you.

Can't beat mains ones they kick ass but of course no good for camping

I have one of these and mine is fantastic! It's not failed me once in the 6 years I've had it (although it only gets used approx 4 times a year) but I've never had to hold it a certain way or change the batteries!

Had to return two of these to Morrisons last year as batteries didn't fit, had to jam them in & couldn't get them out again. Staff said they'd had loads returned for same problem, yet they were still on the shelf!

I took one to the Benicassim festival last year to pump up ( and re-pump almost daily for a week) airbeds for 9 of us and it was great.
Some mornings whilst pumping up a mattress or airbed I'd end up with a small queue of other festival goers all willing to pay a can of beer for me to pump up their beds too! It is now over a year old on the same set of batteries and still going strong.

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A few people mention about having to hold it a certain way, well I don't think that's got anything to do with this pump, but the non return valve on most inflatable items.Most have a small flap which the appropriate sized nozzle of the pump is supposed to push through, trouble is, it doesn't always as the flap can be set toi far in, hence you need to move it around just to get that extra bit of length from nozzle (now now, let's keep it clean! ;-)).As I've said, I've owned one for a long time, and the way I deal with this issue is to remove the non return flap, you need to get the cap on quick, but it inflates much quicker!
Yes a mains one is better, but of course it would be it's got 240v, not 6v, but then you don't see many spare sockets on a beach or camping field do you, lol ;-)
Not the most powerful, but very practical, and the money save buys your batteries!
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