Battle in Heaven DVD £5.49 @ HMV

Battle in Heaven DVD £5.49 @ HMV

Found 22nd Apr 2009
I appreciate this is a niche DVD for most people, but it's a great price. Nearest is £12.89 at Sendit.

Synopsis: Marcos (Marcos Hernez) is a chauffeur who lives an impoverished existence with his family in Mexico City. His day job offers him a glimpse of a world far beyond his reach, as he drives the fabulously wealthy and beautiful daughter of a general around the town. Fed up with his meagre existence, Marcos turns to crime, but bungles the chance to make his family wealthy and instead puts all their lives under threat. Directed by Carlos Reygadas (JAPON), BATTLE IN HEAVEN paints a stark contrast between the lives of the different classes of Mexico City's citizens.

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meh crap film. Had an interesting premise but was crappily done.

I hate pretentious films.
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