Battle of Britain  (Blu-ray) - £7.99 @ HMV

Battle of Britain (Blu-ray) - £7.99 @ HMV

Found 15th May 2011
A powerful, colourful and star-studded re-creation of the epic 1940 battle that took place in the skies over England. Surprised and understaffed, the British forces used determination and guile to valiantly hold off the superior forces of the German Luftwaffe in the early days of World War II. If England had lost, the Germans may very well have won the war. The incredible cast includes Michael Caine, Robert Shaw, Curt Jurgens, and Laurence Olivier, in a no-expense-spared production featuring stunning airborne dog-fight sequences.


This film is stunning when watched via blu-ray. You can easily tell the mock ups and the real aircraft.

I've had the dvd of this for about 7 years and still haven't watched it!
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