Battle Royale - 2 Disc Edition - £7.99 delivered from HMV

Battle Royale - 2 Disc Edition - £7.99 delivered from HMV

Found 22nd May 2008
Next best price is £14.79 at BlahDVD/101CD. NOTE: this is 'back in stock in 7 days' so you won't get it straightaway, but if you're not in a hurry for it... Cheapest for the regular 1-disc is £5.49 also at HMV.

In Kinji Fukasaku's shocking, apocalyptic film, Japan is on the brink of collapse. The nation's youth have become out of control, leading the government to take drastic measures. The result is the Battle Royale act, which requires that a group of randomly chosen teenage students be transported to a deserted island and forced to fight to the death. In addition to a cast of young talent, BATTLE ROYALE features renowned actor and director "Beat" Takeshi Kitano.

Double Disc Set - Special Features:

Features 8 mins extra footage and an alternate ending
The Making of Battle Royale (50 Minutes)
Battle Royale press conference (9 Minutes)
Instructional video: birthday version
Audition and rehearsal footage
Special effects comparison featurette
Tokyo International Film Festival 2000
Battle Royale documentary (12 Minutes)
Basketball scene rehearsals
Behind-the-scenes featurette (10 Minutes)
Filming on-set (10 Minutes)
Director's statement
Special Edition TV spot
Special Edition TV spot featuring Quentin Tarantino
Kinji Fukasaku filmography
'Beat' Takeshi filmography
Asia Extreme trailer reel


Original Poster

Cracking film, cracking price for the special ed. although you are a sod for posting it before I had chance .:thumbsup:

being a movie connsieur, i will vouch for this film.

excellent film. shame the sequel was so rubbish...

Overrated through it's cult-class status if you ask me. But still a pretty good film.

Not a bad deal either!


excellent film. shame the sequel was so rubbish...

The director of the original died during pre-production or filming of the sequel so his son took over. Something like that. Which explains the difference.

Anyone read the TokyoPop graphic novels? They really flesh out the characters....

Awesome film... though the "Special Edition" version with the alternate ending is a bit... meh...

Good post!

Great film. Best price I've ever paid for it is 99p brand new.

Not overated as much as that as soon as it becomes more popular it takes away from its greatness.

Havent seen it in 2 years but love it used to watch it a lot.

I was lauging a bit other day when this kid who looked around 13 and was with his sister who looked around 10 asked their mum to rent it and she just went ok.

Great film this one. I'll buy it on blu if I can find it. For anyone who enjoys Takeshi's films I heartily suggest Zato Ichi also. Completely different type of movie but check them both out!

Great deal, thanks. Have had this on my to-buy list for a while. £7.19 with student discount so had to get it now!
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