Battleborn PC £5.39 with code BATTLEBORN10 at CDKeys

Battleborn PC £5.39 with code BATTLEBORN10 at CDKeys

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New price drop


Does anyone actually play this? Man it dropped like a lead balloon.


Does anyone actually play this? Man it dropped like a lead balloon.…230

BTW Heat added OP


Ouch, that drop off.

I quite like it, I've played it more than over watch.

Great game, well worth the money

Battleborn is a different game entirely to Overwatch though. So they can't be compared. Different gameplay.

And I bought it when it was 18 quid. Since my graphics card still on preorder I haven't been able to play it for months cause the old 6870 just can't deal with it... Worst investment ever.

Problem with this game and the perception of the gaming market is this - PC gamers.... proper gamers with real budgets look at a game that prices itself at 49.99 pre launch.... then look at thevideos from the PAID reviewers and conclude... game is pants.... like this one. No fun here that you cannot find from a free game.... overwatch is pants too.... a lot of these games use old mechanics give u a tech tree n cartoon gfx... but are hollow. If you want fps perfect ur skills on tried n tested like BF.... hell.... go fr bf heroes (lol)..... but spend ur money wisely n beware games like this

419 people In-Game in Friday night......

God, there are more people playing Evolve right now and I thought that tanked hard...
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Price dropped yet again. I played about 100 hours of this game about 25 of them enjoyable. I was hoping it was going to get better and quit when I saw it continuing in the opposite direction.
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F2P by next summer?
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