Battleborn (Xbox One) £4.99 @ Smyths

Battleborn (Xbox One) £4.99 @ Smyths

Found 24th Nov 2016

From the creators of Borderlands comes a new first-person shooter for every kind of player.

The universe teeters on the brink of extinction and only the most powerful Battleborn can stop it. This band of heroes will slice swords through enemies, fire massive machine guns, sling powerful spells and much more! Command 25 unique heroes. Fight alone or alongside friends. Play story missions or mow down foes in competitive multiplayer matches.

Rendain and his evil army must not be allowed to destroy the last star. Do you and your friends have what it takes to save it?
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I bought mine from Smyths, it includes the Firstborn DLC.

Great jimquisition video on this. He loved the game, but apparently matchmaking (on PS4 anyway) can take >5mins
Decent album. Not as good as hot fuss or sam's town but worth a punt.

Decent album. Not as good as hot fuss or sam's town but worth a punt.

*thumbs up*
*insert F2P comment* great find pal, just a shame traffic in Leeds is so bad at 5pm otherwise I might of detoured to crown point
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This has not been on my radar until now. This price is crazy for a newish game (_;)
Is that with delivery included?
Paid slightly more than this, got bored after a few matches.
instore only deal I was told bt twitter. Got parents to nip to local store and it was £7.99
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