Battlefield 1 Premium Pass PC  40% Off £23.99 @ Origin

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass PC 40% Off £23.99 @ Origin

Found 16th Aug 2017
Finally a decent reduction on this one after it stubornly refused to drop in price. 4 DLCs.

  • Experience the dawn of all-out war and discover a new world of war on an unmatched epic scale in Battlefield 1, full of a variety of new gameplay opportunities for the players. This starts with Battlefield 1 expansion 'They Shall Not Pass' in March 2017 that will bring the French army into the battle in multiplayer.
  • 4 upcoming digital expansion packs, including two-week early access to each expansion pack that will be released
  • 14 Battlefield 1 Battlepacks containing stand-out weapon skins, delivered monthly from November 2016

The next DLC "In the name of the Tsar" due in September.
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Still expensive really, I paid ₩41,580 back in march, use a vpn and origin access for further discount
Heat from me! Thank you!
Seems decent price but I'm reluctant to upgrade due to the number of hacks with aimbots and whatnot.. ruined the experience when almost every game you enter has someone using it.
46% off with Origin access I believe.
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