Battlefield 2  Xbox 360  £17.99 Delivered

Battlefield 2 Xbox 360 £17.99 Delivered

Found 12th Jun 2007
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat explodes onto Xbox 360, bringing the field of battle to life like never before. Bullets whiz by and score the environments around you, spent minigun shells rain down from hovering helicopters, and explosions shatter your field of vision. Delivering the over-the-top action of the award-winning Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat lets you wage modern war your way.
With new maps taking you to Wake Island, the wilds of the Middle East and the snowy landscape of northern China, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat escalates the battles to a new level of excitement. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat also features all-new vehicles including snowmobiles and min-gun equipped vans that offer new ways to eliminate your enemies.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat delivers the Battlefield franchise's trademark multiplayer action on Xbox Live, delivering ferocious 24 player online battles. Fighting for one of 4 sides - the US, the European Union, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition - and armed with the latest modern weaponry, you are given full control over the 30+ vehicles in the game.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Xbox 360 also boasts class-leading online community features, including full in-game clan support, friends lists, voice over IP, and ultra-deep rankings and stat tracking both in-game and on the net.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat also features an adrenaline-soaked single player campaign where you see both sides of a conflict in one of the most treacherous regions in the world - Kazakhstan. The revolutionary 'HotSwapping' feature allows you to always be right in the heart of the non-stop action. Plunge headlong into the fog of war and ultimately choose sides in a furious showdown where nothing is as it seems.
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any good?

any good?

Very good, one of the best Multiplayer games on Live.
i've got it, maybe just because i went straight into Live! mode but I prefer COD3

any good?

I havnt played it on 360,I've ordered it.

I've played it on PC but apparently its quite different to the 360
i love the cod games but no way is cod3 better then this like the guy above said it rocks on live very very good!
well ive just got forza2, so won't be playing anything else in a while!
When you say different to the PC. In a good way or a bad way. I love the PC version and have played it since its release. Am I going to be disappointed?
Its had mixed reviews some say its worse then the PC, some say its better.
Some say this is the best multiplayer game on consoles
Thanks for that. Can't do any harm to give it a go and should look pretty funky on my 42" LCD. Well are doing well out of me this
Fantastic Xbox360 live game. well worth the money and voted hot hot hot.
"Fantastic Xbox360 live game. well worth the money and voted hot hot hot."

!00% agree with that!!!
Just bought it so have to wait for del -- anyone wants to paly against me my GT is dandoc2

how can you play this game on a controller?

i play it often on a pc but i cant see it being a good game with a controller

xbox360 could easily implement a keyboard/mouse system but they do not because Microsoft doesn’t want to it replace PCs and loose money from windows sales.

its odd that the PS3 doesn’t implement KB/mouse

wish they would, i would actually then buy one ;-)
Probably been one of my most played games on Xbox360. Didn't care much for the offline part but online - totally superb...
if your not sure, download the demo .. i did and i didnt like it.
Mine has arrived
Its quite differnt to the PC - Good tho

See you on the battlefield

GT - Addbrown
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