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Posted 16 December 2022

Battlefield 2042 (PS4/PS5) Free To Play from 16-23 December via Playstation Store

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How's this for an Escalation? To celebrate Battlefield 2042's new season, you'll be able to sample the futuristic warfare for free on PlayStation from the 16th to the 23rd of December.

Just keep an eye out for those tornados...

Source - Playstation UK on Twitter :

Certain modes on COD MW2 Multiplayer are also free to play on all platforms from December 15-19 :
Playstation Store More details at Playstation Store

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    Will you need online to play if it's a free trial?
    No you do not need PS Plus, same with the MW2 free trial
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    Played this at launch and it was an absolute disaster. Went back for Season 1 and it marginally improved but still left a lot to be desired, so I abandoned it again until Season 3...and my goodness, it is seriously fun now and has dramatically improved. I'm on Tier 60 of the battlepass already, which I find funny cos it could barely hold my attention for more than one match just earlier this year. Defo try it out. Start with Escalation Conquest, then try Breakthrough!
    Played 2 games of conquest and uninstalled. It’s still a buggy mess of a game. The graphics are like something from a PS2 game. Spawn camping is rife. Sorry, but there’s nothing good about this game
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    It took me 30 mins to download it and 30 seconds to delete it!
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    Still too expensive
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    There's a reason it's free lol
    Was trash on release, but played it again recently, theyve made good changes and i liked the new maps. Theyve condensed the other maps as well which were too big and have added more cover. The new maps are more infantry focused too. Definitely worth getting for £15-20, theyve said theyl continue to suport the game next year too.
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    Brilliant game. Great on release day, even better now.
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    Soon they will be paying people to play it.
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    If you'd paid money for this at release you would be absolutely furious.
    Why it's only free for a few days (edited)
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    Should be permanently FTP!
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    Not the best in the battlefield genre but still good fun. Still prefer battlefield 3
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    Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread
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    Dreadful game. Free on Xbox gamepass for past month and I’ve played it twice lol

    Whereas call of duty war zone 2.0 is brilliant. (edited)
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    Free to play a dusted game
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    I like it, it's fun. Been playing since launch and it's much better now!
    I started playing it again not long ago and I really like it
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    I did enjoy the original battlefield games
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