Battlefield 3 Xbox & PS3 £27 at BestBuy

Battlefield 3 Xbox & PS3 £27 at BestBuy

Found 28th Nov 2011
Went into best buy to check out the closing down sales.

Games are 25% off, bought Battlefield 3 for £27 which I thought was a pretty good price.

50% of Blu rays/Dvds are awesome too so if you have a best buy near you get down there!
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Nice price for a good game. Probably be cheaper in the next couple of weeks before xmas though.

When will the best buys be shutting down? I live about 15miles away from one, is it worth a trip?
Will be shut by January 12th (I think). Also Battlefield 3 is out of stock.

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no its not - i mean the thread being closed - are you a mod or something
This was an in-store deal C0C0, its not out of stock in-store.
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