Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 official controller £15 @ Asda
See this today a thought it was worth posting

I don't know if it's nationwide or not but I thought it was a good deal.


Will look in my local, been after a new controller for cheap

It's wired by the way.

Picked this up for £10.99 from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Now up to about £30 though. Good price for a really decent wired controller

Got wired one, also wireless at £30

whats the difference compared to the normal controllers?


whats the difference compared to the normal controllers?

They don't seem to be as reliable going by the Amazon reviews.

The Feltham branch has a bunch of the PS3 ones as well, but both models got really bad reviews.

Reviews generally (I looked at Google shopping as well as Amazon and a few other places) say they break easy and generally don't last long before they start glitching or generally become unusable

Also seems the thumb-sticks are harder to press so harder to aim not easier for FPS, maybe they are thinking 'complete with added handicap for the better players'? lol

Explains the price crash everywhere for these (15 is pretty normal at game and graingergames.co.uk till stocks ran out)

It's basically an Afterglow controller (which generally sell around the £16-17 mark) with a different shell. And also not, as could be inferred by the "official controller" in the OP, a Microsoft made controller. Pay the extra fiver and get a genuine 360 controller, you won't regret it.
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It's a bit different to a after glow as it has duel function wheels on bottom with 6 programable actions and is officially endorsed by Microsoft.

Get a real one, not this.

don't bother the controller looks good but is useless. I bought it for this price last summer.

you may think its a good deal,but my god these are [email protected]#t..stick to the official ones.

I got 2 of these soon after they were released. They felt nice in the hand and was a little bit smaller than normal. They worked fine for over 2 months with gentle use, but got rid of them because I was always afraid the triggers would break. This was the main problem with them reported on some reviews.

At £15 I would be tempted to just get a reliable stock Xbox 360 pad instead.

Bought one of these when BF4 came out... Gave me electric shocks whenever I pulled the triggers!
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