Battlefield 4 Xbox One (Pre-owned) - £24.99 @ GamesCentre

Battlefield 4 Xbox One (Pre-owned) - £24.99 @ GamesCentre

Found 17th Apr 2014
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Tempting indeed........
anyone ordered from them before?
It's a shame the game is terrible.

anyone ordered from them before?

I have only once, were very good.
avoid, 5 months after release they have yet to fix so many bugs.

Single player campaign, it wont save, so unless you play through in one go, or never switch your xbox off, forget it.

Shame on the developers!
Is it still really that bad?
I've managed to platinum it on ps4 without playing through in one go or leaving my ps4 on. It's just your luck I guess. Rubber banding is the biggest issue for me but they are apparently sorting that now. We will see. Still a great game though. I'd much rather have a broken battlefield game than COD any day!
this game -is- good but the netcode is beyond ****. If they ever actually fix the **** thing you will have a fantastic next gen multiplayer game on your hands
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