Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC only *£11.93* delivered from the hut! bargain price
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC only *£11.93* delivered from the hut! bargain price

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC only *£11.93* delivered from the hut! bargain price

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This ace game just gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. Now at a bargain price of £11.93 delivered! can't go wrong really!


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any active vouchers anyone?


walker's rainy days 10% off code. You just need a promo bag of crisps.

You were able to get 2 points (enough for a code) just by filling out a short survey. Anyone know if that is still working? If so you don't even need a bag of crisps.

Ordered £10.74 with walkers code

Ordered this for £11.95 from Zavvi yesterday.

get it, NOW!

Best game this year me thinks

"Can't go wrong"...

Well you can, because a lot of computers struggle to run this game. That's why it's soooooooo cheap. Waste of over 10 quid for sosme people.

Its a pretty damn good. Its going to get even better with the Vietnam addon pack.


Didn't get universal good reviews

Amusing as ever, but Yahtzee doesn't play or review multiplayer which is pretty much the reason to get BFBC2, as it has been for most of the Battlefield series.

My criticism of the multiplayer on the PC is that the teams tend to snowball. If one team is slightly better than the other, then experienced players usually gravitate toward that team, trying at every opportunity to switch. So you end up with a massive imbalance in the skill levels of the two teams, with one team winning time after time. If you are on the losing team full of noobs it is incredibly frustrating. This is worsened by the fact that this is very much a team game: even the most amazing individual player can't really compensate for the rest of his/her team camping at their spawn with sniper rifles. So then the game becomes really horrible to play (assuming you care about winning). I wish the sniper campers would go and play a different game, or that there were class limits.

All of this is exacerbated by the very strict system whereby you can never switch teams if that would give the teams unequal numbers. In other games, such as Valve ones, if you really want to switch you can and then the next couple of people to join will even up the teams.

Anyway, now I find myself spending a lot of time trying to get on a half-decent team either by hovering over the switch team button or by joining server after server. I can never just jump in and immediately have a competitive, enjoyable, winnable game like I can with other games such as DoD.

Still a fantastic game and well-worth £12. Plus I can't hate it that much as I pre-ordered the Vietnam expansion pack.


fantastic price Ordered thanks

My favourite shooter ever and now more free maps available, its a must for any1 who doesn't have it yet.

im gonna buy this for PC :)! got it for ps3, but at under £10, i would rather the PC version and the vietnam add on for PC! sick and tired of my friends list being plagued with COD so im gonna get this on PC.... and a better friends list (_;)
thanks OP


Ordered this for £11.95 from Zavvi yesterday.

Yea I ordered a couple for presents, miles better games than COD BO and MW2 too... despite what magazines would have you believe, just remember folks that the if ya get a boxed copy of this, don't buy the steam vietnam addon as not compatible...just as well i checked cos nearly bought the DLC on steam.
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