Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Xbox 360 £19.99 @ HMV instore

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Xbox 360 £19.99 @ HMV instore

Found 18th Jul 2010Made hot 18th Jul 2010
Just bought this instore at HMV in the Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh, for £19.99. Not sure if it's nationwide and it doesn't appear to be online. Apologies but I forgot to check other formats.

p.s. this is my first post so let me know if there's any other info that I should've included.


Put where you got it in the title, for example @ HMV

Good price though!

Nice im gonna have look in the sheffield store tomorrow

Brilliant deal!!

Top game and I can't wait until the Vietnam DLC is released, scheduled for the winter.
If you need some chums to squaddie up with then check this thread out.
BC2 clan

absolutely THE best FPS on the xbox by a mile - Avoid noob tubers and no skill merchancts on MW2 - get a game you have to think about and work as a team with.


Oh and BTW - all additional DLC has been FREE for this game - bar Onslaught mode (WHich isnt worth getting anyways)
Unlike Rip off MW2 !!!

And Vietnam DLC is due to be free too!!!!


amaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzing game! amaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzing price!

Paid four quid more than this 2 months ago. One of my best 360 purchases so far.....

best 360 shooter i have ever played. still playing, and loving this now, and got it at launch.

great finding, thanks!!!

78 hours of gameplay and I'm still not bored at all.
Great game for less than half I paid.

Not sure why some people seem to be very late to the party ? Battlefield since its inception with 1942 has easily stayed top of the online multiplayer tree each and every day . Yea i had a little fun on CoD 4 but it wasnt even half as good as BF2 from 2005 .
If you havent played BF since the beginning in 2002 then where the heck have you been !

Damn I was HMV earlier and I didn't spot this. Back I go!


And Vietnam DLC is due to be free too!!!!HOT HOT HOT

I doubt that very much (you have a source?). It'll be worth paying for though.

And Onslaught was well worth a purchase too. A tad short lived, but plenty of replay value.

Can anyone verify if this deal is store specific or if its everywhere??

Just been into HMV Southport, was priced at £39.99.

Tesco entertainment do it for 21.25 with a code. Not too far off this price if anyones store doesnt have it at the £19 odd. I just ordered mine for PS3, but 360 is also 21.25

"Get 15% off at Tesco Entertainment, simply enter the promotional code FTSL15-1 at the checkout to receive your offer. All prices on GamesTracker reflect the discounted rate where applicable, this offer runs until midnight 31st July 2010."

Is this nationwide can anyone confirm?

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Been in to HMV Edinburgh Gyle and the game is priced at £29.99 - also the 're-play' pre-owned version of the game was £22.98

Thanks for the tip anyway!
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