Battlefield Season 1 DVD (6 Disc) £.8.85 Zavvi (plus quidco)

Battlefield Season 1 DVD (6 Disc) £.8.85 Zavvi (plus quidco)

Found 15th Dec 2009
You could get the extra £1 off if you haven't already used the deal.

The Battles That Won The Second World War

Six classic two-hour episodes from the acclaimed TV series devoted to WW2's most momentous battles.

The Battle Of France
Blitzkrieg's most astonishing triumph, establishing Hitler as unassailable within continental Europe.

The Battle Of Britain
The two mightiest air fleets in the world clashed in tumultuous mortal combat. At issue was Britain's very survival.

The Battle Of Midway
The stakes were no less dramatic when Americans met Japanese in this enthralling carrier-to-carrier battle of Midway. Both sides knew that the victor would rule the Pacific for years to come.

The Battle Of Stalingrad
The annihilation of an entire army amidst the charred and frozen ruins of Stalingrad was a catastrophe for Nazi arms. Thereafter, the colossus of the Red Army was never to lose the initiative in the East.

The Battle Of Normandy
D-Day was the biggest amphibious operation in history. But even after the Allied troops has successfully forced a landing in strength, they still had to face a foe whose tenacity and resilience in defence was legendary.

The Battle Of Berlin
The furious, climatic last battle of Hitler's war. Over half a million lives were lost as the Red Army finally crushed the last Nazi citadel.

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Brilliant series... get vol 2 and Vietnam as well.
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