Battlestar Galactica (2003): Complete Season 3: 6dvd: Box Set - £17.99
Battlestar Galactica (2003): Complete Season 3: 6dvd: Box Set - £17.99

Battlestar Galactica (2003): Complete Season 3: 6dvd: Box Set - £17.99

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After the jawdropping conclusion to Season 2, "Battlestar Galactica" opens this year with the grim scenario of our heroes trapped on their new planet under brutal occupation by the Cylons. Galactica has fled, and new President Gaius Baltar is signing endless death warrants at gunpoint.

This bleak scenario forms the backbone for the whole season. Alliances are formed and betrayals committed that will haunt the characters through a traumatic year of episodes as strongly written and acted as ever. The Cylon occupation of New Caprica deliberately echoes the US occupation of Iraq, but makes the audience think when our heroes have to start strapping on explosives and becoming suicide bombers.

Amid all the political ramifications, there's a still a great, very human sci-fi show. We see the beginning of a new feud between Adama and his son Lee, while Starbuck's marriage is threatened by her unhealthy obsession with her commanding officer. Former Cylon infiltrator Sharon learns the truth about her apparently dead baby, and Baltar learns a very great deal about the Cylons. Meanwhile there's still the day to day business of staying alive when you're the last survivors of humanity fleeing from a deadly enemy in a bunch of clapped out spaceships...

It all comes to a head in yet another blistering climax as Baltar, now captured and back on Galactica, goes on trial for his crimes against humanity. But Baltar has sympathisers, and his trial stretches allegiances to breaking point...


Thanks. I've been hoping for a top deal on this one for a while! :thumbsup:

Is it just me, or has BSG lost it's way a little (ironic given the main plot). ;-)

Anyway good price, voted hot.

Voted hot. Also they have the other 2 seasons for £17.99 each, which are the cheapest atm.

Up to £49.99 now-over a tenner DEARER than Amazon's price for the boxset of the first three seasons together!
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