Battlestar Galactica: Complete: 7dvd Box Set - £17.99 delivered @ Hmv!

Battlestar Galactica: Complete: 7dvd Box Set - £17.99 delivered @ Hmv!

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Found 13th Jun 2008
The Battlestar Galactica: Complete: 7dvd Box Set is now £17.99 delivered @ Hmv!

All 22 episodes of television's answer to Star Wars from 1978. In a far-away galaxy 12 tribes of humans live a peaceful existence on separate planets. They are totally unprepared for a devestating surprise attack from the evil Cylon Empire, as a result of which the survivors are forced to flee their homeworlds in a rag-tag fleet of ships protected by the one remaining Battlestar, Galactica. Harried by Cylons who send base ships to destroy what is left of the humans; the mission for the Galactica and its convoy is to find the fabled 13th tribe of humans who live on a distant planet called Earth, only their can they hope to find peace again.
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cold? Its cheaper elsewhere? Tell me please i want to buy it.

Hi BFM The cheapest i can see it elsewhere is £ 20.98 @ Amazon
Well, that is strange, its cheapest on your deal, yet it gets a cold rating, its really very frustrating when people vote cold for no reason, the whole voting thing is becoming useless to a certain degree. Thank you for your post millarcat and i have voted hot, and have some rep too!

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