Battlestar Galactica - Complete series - Blu Ray £69.97 @ Amazon
Battlestar Galactica - Complete series - Blu Ray £69.97 @ Amazon

Battlestar Galactica - Complete series - Blu Ray £69.97 @ Amazon

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Surely in the running to be the best television series of the past decade, the stunning revival of Battlestar Galactica is perhaps only nudged out of first place by The Wire. But it’s a tight-run race, and across the four seasons in this collected box set, there’s some of the best science fiction television of all time.

Sadly, the fact that it’s a science fiction show on the exterior is likely to put some off Battlestar Galactica. It really shouldn’t. The writers superbly weave in politics, religion, action, and excellent character work, bringing together an outstanding company of actors. Edwards James Olmos and Mary McDonnell are the stand-outs, but there are so many performances of note, it’s hard to highlight too many more. It goes without saying, of course, that the majority of science fiction enthusiasts will be blown away by many of the collected episodes here.

And, bluntly, it’s a real treat to watch them in high definition. While perhaps the earlier episodes of Battlestar Galactica don’t look quite as striking as the later instalments, this is still a show with high production values that gleam in high definition. Cinematically shot and engrossing right through to its challenging ending, Battlestar Galactica is quality television, and it’s never looked better than it does on Blu-ray. --Jon Foster

DVD collection also available for £44.97



Blinding Price! If I had money to spare I would buy this 100%. Heat added.

Best TV series ever made!

Great price!! Cheapest I've ever seen it!

Wow, amazing price! Very, very tempted. Do you think it will go much cheaper?

i reckon it will go cheaper still in the new year.... once it hits nearer the £50 i will buy it!

Been waiting ages for this to drop in price, excellent show, definitely in my top 5. Does anyone know what has changed in this set since they stopped the steel tin editions?

This is amazing!!!!

fairly good price although i'm gonna wait for it to be under the 50 mark.

heat because my 2 favorite shows are this and the wire.

Good deal but like others i'll wait until it drops below £50.

Stunning TV series, amazing price. I assume they're dropping the price to offload the extra stock over christmas before bringing out a newer version next year some time, as this one doesn't include The Plan.

It's getting closer to my buy it now price of £50.... come on!!!! Hot deal though

Great price so far......but I'm not buying until it drops below £30.

I'm not buying it until it's free.


I'm not buying it until it's free.

sarcasm. i love itX)

I have ordered!

Personally I don't thing it going go any lower for at least another year, let alone go below £50! I know the VAT increase ain't going affect these products much but this is a acclaimed series and its Blu ray. Hence I think you are not going to see below £50 any time soon.

back to £96.99


back to £96.99

£59.99 from HMV Click Here


£59.99 from HMV Click Here

£62.99 for DVD
Blu is £129.99 :O !
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