Battlestar Galactica: Razor ONLY £4.99

Battlestar Galactica: Razor ONLY £4.99

Found 25th Sep 2008Made hot 25th Sep 2008
I hope this helps someone.

Next best price is £6.85.

Don't forget Quidco.


Oh thanks for posting this, never seen it so it's worth ago at that price, thanks.

Really good addition to the new BG

good find!!!

Frakkin awesome, paid £9 odd on a good 'deal' back in the day :P

Kind of expensive for what is essentially a straight to DVD b-movie.

If you're into BSG at all this is worth every penny, enjoyed this far more than most of the cack at the cinemas these days.

For those that have seen this on TV already, the DVD version has a few more scenes in it.


This is included on the Season 4 DVD - £17.99 at CD Wow and although that is essentially only half a season this is likely to be included on any full season 4 dvd.

Sorry to spoil things but just wanted to stop you duplicating purchases like I am going to end up doing!
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