Battlestar Galactica : The Plan Blu-ray  £8.89 delivered at Sendit

Battlestar Galactica : The Plan Blu-ray £8.89 delivered at Sendit

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Found 5th Feb 2011
The Cylons began as humanity's robot servants. They rebelled, and evolved, and now they look like us. Their plan is simple: destroy the race that enslaved them. But when their devastating attack leaves human survivors, the Cylons have to improvise. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan tells the story of two powerful Cylon leaders, working separately, and their determination to finish the task.

Special Features:


Behind The Scenes Featurettes

Commentary with Director/Actor Edward James Olmos and Executive Producer/Writer Jane Espenson

Deleted Scenes

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Oh for FRAK sake. I literally ordered this last week from zavvi, admittedly it was slightly cheaper using a 15% off voucher but barely and had to use up a voucher.

For those who haven't got it it comes in a very nice steelbook, well worth a purchase for a BSG fan, not so much for others.
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