battlestations Midway Xbox 360 £31.99

battlestations Midway Xbox 360 £31.99

Found 8th Feb 2007
good deal on this game, released on the 9th Feb.

they have it down at £33.99

use code BRINC3 to knock £2 off and bring it down to £31.99.

cheapest elsewehere is £37.98


I got this yesterday for PC, pretty good game so far!! 5.15 GB in size tho! :?

Voted Hot!

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why do people vote this cold!? one of the first deals i thought was worth posting and get negative votes.

i voted hot mate and placed my order.

dont worry about peoples votes they obviously want something for nothing

Not voting...but if the demo I downloaded for the 360 is anything to go by, this game is distinctly average.

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[SIZE=2]i thought the demo was good, took a while to get used to it but really quite good when you get into it. and its got some good reviews.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]but i love a bit of war.:w00t: [/SIZE]

Good price. * Added pic *
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