Battlezone - (PSVR) £14 (Prime) £15.99 (Non-prime) Delivered @ Amazon (Match of Tesco)

Battlezone - (PSVR) £14 (Prime) £15.99 (Non-prime) Delivered @ Amazon (Match of Tesco)

Found 16th Nov 2017Edited by:"mixmixi"
Edit: Price match of Tesco. (Credit @SavageDonkey )

Not sure who they are matching to, but good price. Around £20+ elsewhere.

  • Harness the power of PlayStation VR and strap yourself into the seat of one of the most powerful attack vehicles in the galaxy: the Cobra tank.
  • Enter the explosive chaos of a neon-bathed far-future Earth and face tanks, turrets, drones and mechanical swarms as you fight for the survival of the planet. No two battles are ever alike, with procedurally-generated objectives and scenarios redefining each new combat encounter.
  • The unique immersion of PlayStation VR will give you unparalleled tactical awareness, allowing you to quickly scan the battlefield around you or the skies above, assess the threats and manoeuvre accordingly. Surveying your environment and planning your moves will be key to success.
  • Collect a vast array of devastating weapons - each with multiple variants - to tear your way through encroaching ground and air forces and, when the heat really turns up, break out one of several special power-ups to even the odds.
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Expired put in basket checked video to see if any goodand they changed price
Dammit bought used for £15 grainger games
Been wanting to give this a try since launch day, finally hit my biting point - thanks OP!
Just a heads up, this is back to £14. I just ordered a copy myself.
copperspock19 m ago

Just a heads up, this is back to £14. I just ordered a copy myself.

Just ordered too!
Ordered. Hot. 11 left!
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