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Posted 27 August 2022

BAUKER 18V Cordless Multi Tool Oscillating Tool 1 x 1.5Ah Battery, Fast Charger (2 Year Warranty) £39.99 Delivered @ Worx eBay Store

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good deal on this, especially bundled with the battery and fast charger.

Made by the company behind Worx.

Toolstation want twice as much!

Spare (2AH) batteries pretty cheap also - £19.99

And their fast charger - £9.99!

Standard 2 year warranty on this

BAUKER 18V Multi Tools with x1 1.5Ah batteries

Rated voltage: 18VNo-load speed: 6000 - 18000 /minKey features
  • multi function: sawing ,scraping, sanding and so on
  • slide on/off switch
  • variable speed control
  • lock on switch

Included in your purchase
  • 1pc 1.5Ah Li-ion battery
  • 1pc 1hr charger
  • 1pc 1-1/8'' 28mm standard end cut blade
  • 1pc 1-3/8'' 35mm standard end cut blade
  • 1pc Rigid Scraping Blade
  • 1pc sanding pad

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    I just need a multi-tool for occasional DIY. This looks like a great deal. Couple of questions for those in the know. How would this stack up against the Aldi Ferrex 20v model, which comes in at £60 Inc batt and charger? Also, are the blades/accessories you can get off Amazon generally generic to fit? Thanks!!
    It will more than likely be the same tool , 20v and 18v are basically the same , blades are generic , get the cheaper one here
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    For those who are wondering: unfortunately Bauker and WORX tools/chargers/batteries are not fully compatible .

    Same manufacturer and very similar platform but they've deliberately made them incompatible in some combinations (can't remember which). For example, you'll notice that the Bauker batteries use fewer of the connectors. I've contacted Positecworx and they are very coy about this and simply say they are not compatible.

    That said, this kit at this price is great value as long as you regard it as a self contained kit compatible only with other Bauker tools.
    Thanks for letting us know. I was hoping my worx batteries will work with this
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    Never had an issue with Bauker tools. As good as the more expensive brands for general DIY tasks. I haven't subjected them to any sustained heavy use but would expect they would hold out as well as a lot of the others.
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    Received ours today.
    Worx batteries don't fit but on inspection of the tool itself it looks like you could just remove some plastic stoppers/bridges to allow the corresponding bit on the battery to slide in.
    The marking on the batteries for +/- etc is the same so in theory it looks doable by modifying the tool very slightly.

    Also battery was flat on arrival, serial numbers suggest 2019 vintage (edited)
    I'm sure I've read this before regarding getting the batteries to work with Worx stuff. Like I said earlier in the thread I wouldn't be surprised if the internals on both brand's batteries are identical.
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    Anyone know if the 20v worx battery will work on this without an adaptor? (edited)
    I very much doubt it. Worx aren't going to risk cannibalising the sales of their premium brand by allowing that, sadly. Hope I'm wrong, though
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    Big fan of this company after buying the cordless leaf blower deal a while ago.
    Great big of kit and for the same price here, a steal.
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    I ordered this but already have a corded multi tool so cancelled the order as went for the cordless Jigsaw instead
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    one of the best tools you will buy, these multitools are fab
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    I got it now
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    Bellboys has posted several excellent Bauker cordless tool deals on here and inevitable they attract comments about compatibility with WORX and other brands from the same maker. Some posters claim Bauker and WORX are fully compatible - they are NOT!

    Here's the definitive answer (I have both brands and just tried them again:

    WORX batteries will NOT physically fit on a Bauker charger*.
    WORX batteries will NOT physically fit on a Bauker tool*.
    Bauker batteries WILL fit on a WORX charger.
    Bauker batteries WILL fit on a WORX tool (and seem to work it OK).

    *IF you are prepared to modify your WORX batteries (remove one of the 'lugs' on the plastic casing) you could probably make them physically fit on the Bauker charger and tools BUT:

    The WORX batteries have four connectors, marked '+', 'BS', 'TV', ''-'.
    The Bauker batteries have the same markings but the 'TV' slot has no connector.
    WORX tools and charger have pins for all four connectors on the batteries.
    Bauker tools connect to the '+' and '-' slots on the battery.
    The Bauker charger connects to the '-' and 'BS' slots on the battery

    I don't know what the 'BS' and'TV' pins are for (and Positecworx were being very coy when asked) but possibly they are part of a more sophisticated battery sensing system on WORX? I'd be very interested to know if there are any electrical experts out there who can shed light on this.

    So, in summary, the Bauker batteries will physically fit the WORX charger and tools but WORX batteries (and charger) are not 'backwards compatible' onto Bauker tools. If you are prepared to make a fairly small modification to your WORX batteries (I wouldn't) you can probably make them physically fit the Bauker tools and charger but, as the connectors are different, they may not work(?) and/or may not be good for your batteries. Whether Positecworx (the maker) inhibits compatibility just for commercial reasons or also for safety I cannot say but the differences are electrical, not just physical.

    I can say with certainty that Guild and older Erbauer 18v batteries appear to be fully compatible with WORX and I have been happily interchanging them without problems for a while now but they are no longer available new. I believe some other brands have neen compatible too (older JCB and Wickes?) but I don't own those to try. Aldi have a mess of different 18v cordless ranges, some of which MAY be compatible (the ones I've tried were not) but they are not even compatible across their own branded ranges!

    In conclusion I'd say if you buy these excellent Bauker tools at these low prices then treat them as a stand alone platform, not as an extension to your WORX toolkit.

    Finally: note that WORX tools sold in the USA use yetanother battery platform and are not compatible with UK supplied ones.

    Hope that helps. Can anyone add more insight?
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    Back at £79.99 again!!!