Bavaria 5% Premium Beer - 4 x 500ml bottles for £3.20 at Tesco

Bavaria 5% Premium Beer - 4 x 500ml bottles for £3.20 at Tesco

Found 30th Aug 2017
500ml bottles of Bavaria 5% Premium Beer were recently reduced back down to £1.00 each at Tesco.

With the current offer of 20% off when you buy 4 or more single bottles of beer, you can get 4 bottles for £3.20.

That works out at 91p per pint for 5% ABV lager imported from Holland. It's not the best lager, but the price is very good.

This deal is available online and in store. The 20% off wasn't advertised in the store I visited today, but it went through fine at the tills.

Obviously this deal is only available south of the border and I don't think it will work in Express stores.
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Good price against RRP but any better than Stella? Not sure the price of 4 tins but won't be much in it.

Probably worth grabbing 3 other beers in the offer and this is the cheapy that's gets 20% off the others for you
Bavaria 16p/100ml
Stella pint tins at 22. 4p/100ml
Brewed in Holland, Stella in U.K. Nice stuff
good drop, hot!
Bavaria is a nice drink. I will be going get some. Have some heat
Got 5 of these last night with £1 off so £4 total. Great value and best served very cold, not bad taste.
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