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Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/ Soft Case £82 (+£4.95 shipping) @ Bax Shop
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
The Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedal board is the renewed and improved version of the popular Pedaltrain 2, and comes with a soft case. It features a spacious 4-rail design which offers … Read more
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I can never understand how a simple grill stand similar to a door grill can cost so much. I've always DIY-ed my boards from timber.


Great board, I think I paid something like £75 second hand. Heat


Until I got to the word "guitar" in your comment I literally had no idea what this was. Heat added. Best mystery I've read in years.


In the market for a new board but think I may go for the Templeboard over the Pedaltrain or Gator stuff. Have some heat by the way, it’s always nice to see the guitar related deals here.

Sony WH-1000XM2B Bluetooth headphones £289 incl vat at bax-shop
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
These were up for £279.00 48hrs ago. They have UK offices, but stock comes from the Netherlands. Bonus here is if you buy them through your company, being VAT registered, you get t… Read more

Same price at Amazon, where you could also buy them through your company and save the VAT - literally every product for sale on every site could be listed on here like this as a deal.


so the deals not for you then.....


Do we all have VAT registered companies? NOOO.

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Behringer Midi Foot Pedal £59.00+£4.95 P+PP Bax Shop
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Don't know quite how niche this is but have been looking for one of these for a while for my son for Christmas and hopefully will help someone. It's cutting it a bit fine for Chris… Read more

Must have been a glitch. Not £59 now. Expire?


Showing as £129.99?


Smoking hot


Amazon have price matched - but not in stock. It was previously £115 on Amazon but similarly not in stock. No experience of using these. It was recommended to me for connection to a midi compatible modelling guitar amp.

teame.trevski 64 amazon

Sony WH-1000XM2B Bluetooth headphones £286 @ Bax
Found 22nd Oct 2017Found 22nd Oct 2017
The update to the Sony MDR-1000X that should (hopefully) have the cracking issue fixed. I havent heard of the site but it seems to have good reviews on trustpilot/forums. Miles c… Read more
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Sorry for slow reply I only just saw this. Serial Numbers 5000001- 5256984 were affected apparently.


Arrived yesterday. Simply awesome :D Huge thanks OP :)


Just ordered these. Thanks OP


they dont isolate the sound too well what you need in the office is not the cancellation in my opinion its more of isolation


£309 when I look?

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TWO PAIRS of high quality Samson SR850 reference headphones with three year warranty for only £38.95 including delivery @ BAX Shop
Found 4th Sep 2017Found 4th Sep 2017
These headphones are £29.95 EACH on Amazon, reduced from £54.58. For an extra £9, get TWO pairs and a three year warranty. Have a spare or share with a friend. Here's what one o… Read more

I'm not really sure why/how the DAC would change depending on headphone Impedance. Unless it gives more oomph to the headphone amp (but they call it HiFi DAC mode).


Well you can go by what you've read, but I actually OWN both headsets and the X2's are definitely really good for bass by open headphone standards. But they're still open headphones. And 668B's already had respectable bass. Maybe it doesn't perform as well with the super low bass frequencies, but going from the 668B to X2 isn't super significant, unlike maybe how it would seem going from the K240's to the X2's. It's noticeable, absolutely. And it's quite nice. But you're talking as if the X2's are some basshead headphones and they're not even close. They can do some rumble and they're absolutely 'fun' by open headphone standards, but they aren't game-changing. As far as soundstage, I dont know what else to say. There's no metric here to prove it either way, but it's very obvious to me that the X2's have a somewhat smaller image. It's still good, I still totally understand why others talk about how it provides a good soundstage, it's just not quite as big as the 668B's. And no, the 668B's aren't 'special' if you're comparing to far more expensive headphones. The point is that they are GOOD, and that *for the price*, they are amazing value and punch well above their weight. Obviously if you have a much higher budget, I wouldn't recommend them, but for those looking for sub £50 headphones, I couldn't recommend them enough. Maybe the harsher highs will be a dealbreaker for some, but no headphone at sub £100(much less sub £50) is going to provide a faultless experience.


It looks like my V20 needs 50 Ohm and above to trigger the HiFi Dac mode, so these (at 32 Ohm) aren't what I need.


One of the more talked about things with the X2's is the amount of bass they have for open headphones. The 668B's are nowhere near it. I've tested both extensively and the difference is very noticeable. That and the soundstage. The X1 had the same traits here, but more grainy sounding. The 668B's have more low end than the K240's but nothing to write home about. I don't enjoy the 668B's at all. I bought them because they were raved about. But I don't see what the fuss is about. Apart from the harshness. There's nothing special about them. And they're damn uncomfortable too (maybe just my head). We say audio is very subjective here but the main reason people like the X2's are for the bass/soundstage and how "fun" they make things sound which is the complete opposite of what you're saying :)


Nah, they really dont have 'much' more bass. They're still open-backed and thus wont ever give thundering bass or anything. And the 668B's are also 50mm drivers so have a good size to better put out low frequencies(unlike the 30mm of the K240's you mention). X2's have a bit more bass, and the bass is nicer sounding, a bit more punchy, but actual 'quantity' of bass produced isn't a huge increase. And honestly, they have LESS soundstage than the 668B's. 668B's are REALLY good in this area and it's why they are so often recommended for gamers. X2 might provide a more immaculate soundstage, but not wider. You are right about the 'sibilance' of the 668B's if you're referring to the harsher treble, though. EQ'ing them down just a tad helps a lot, but I adjusted to them even without that. It's the main drawback of the headphones in terms of sound. It's good in pretty much everywhere other way. Not mind-blowing, but absolutely 'good', even by quality headphone standards.

"Glorious workbench" Music studio desk white £272 black £283 at Bax
Found 20th Aug 2017Found 20th Aug 2017
I was looking for a desk which has space for a musical keyboard in it so everything is easily accessible and came across this. I'm no professional I just like to mess about on Able… Read more
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Please share a link for a similar desk cheaper


Seems a bit pricey for what it is.


Any better options for desks with space for a keyboard cold voters ??


Love it, but no good for me as its just more flat space to put things :o

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition (Premium) 250 Ohms £149 @ Bax-Music
Found 15th Jul 2017Found 15th Jul 2017
I did a ton of research over a few weeks before settling on these headphones and they're the best value for money I could find, rivalling headphones costing hundreds more. They por… Read more

Yeah kinda sucks people hit cold for no apparent reason. These headphones are absolutely incredible compared to anything in the current price range and far cheaper than on amazon et al, and yet the Sennheiser HD700s are hot at twice the price despite being of comparable quality (and arguably inferior in some ways).


I've had the 250 ohms for nearly 6 years and nothing will ever replace them.

Sony mdr 1000x - £281 @ Bax-shop
Found 10th Jun 2017Found 10th Jun 2017
best bt headphones on the market in good price
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No deal any more price up to 331


Hurry 2 in stock left.


I have the QC25s from Bose and tried out a colleague's Sony 1000 for the day at work. Really impressed with the Sony phones but the sound was nicer for me from Bose and the noise cancelling and comfort was also better. There are some great features on the Sonys that I liked, particularly that they can be used without a battery with acceptable sound. I echo other people's opinions, try both before you buy and don't ignore Bose as some rich persons toy as I did for years, I genuinely love the flat profile and the fact I can use an EQ from a good baseline if I find them wanting on the odd track.


I have the Sony one and have tried QC be4. Here is a brief comparison: sound: Sony better comfort: Bose Noise cancellation: draw or Sony feature: Sony What's more, Sony's cups are slightly thicker than Bose's - this can go under 'comfort' and 'looks'. If you look for comfort and no-frills nc headphones, go for Bose, otherwise, go for Sony.


A lot of people have stated that the Bose are more comfortable. I suppose it depends how long you wear them. I'm still torn between the two. If the comfort levels were the same, I'd take the Sonys.

Rode Newsshooter Kit £372 (£334.80 with Code) @ BaxMusic
Found 18th Apr 2017Found 18th Apr 2017
Not for everyone but if you are looking for a Rode News Shooter Wireless Kit then £372 is not the cheapest price out there, but with the discount code PS2017 then £334.80 surly can… Read more

If someone needs to explain what an item is to you hen you probably don't need it.... Oh well deal expired now. If you do still want to know what it is.... Rode Newsshooter Kit


This sort of kit probably means the same to me as my diagnostic equipment I use for my cars means to the other half. Each to their own.


Specialist kit on here always gets treated badly. Though they do fair better if the opening post at least gives an idea of what it is that has been listed. Especially if it is from a brand that has a niche following. I for one don't have a cluewhat this is. Especially when you start talking about a lav setup. The image looks like a perfume/aftershave dispenser.


I see the people who know what this is and does are being reluctant to tell us lol. I guess that makes them more powerful retaining their knowledge over us simpletons. Possibly the same people who use "code abbreviations" in work place meetings when new employees are present. I worked at a place once where it was like that and you had what I called the fast talkers. They had to get their point across in the quickest possible time and were only interested in what they had to say and drove german cars. Many had brown tongues and were middle and senior managers. Apologies to any slower talking drivers of german cars as this isn't aimed at you. Awful place with very high turnover of staff and people "disappeared" overnight. The money was damn good though. Their MD was a good fast talker but he couldn't talk the bank out of closing them down a couple of years after I left. What a plonker and I know exactly where he could stick a Newsshooter kit.


I did the same. I think it monitors the frequency for wireless microphones so people don't end up sounding like norman collier. If you're young you may have to google what norman collier was part famous for.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE wireless headphones £161 @ Bax
Found 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017
Good price drop for a new Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 SE headphones. Amazon price is 229.

£234 now unfortunately.


I personally would have got the mdr 100's over the second generation back beat pro's...the anc was brill when I tested them in Curry's.....this was while various customers were blasting various bluetooth speakers and sound bars.....really comfortable too....On this occasion my budget can't go over 100quid, which is why the creative evo zxr's were the ones for me at £99.99 :) ....


I'm returning mine in favour of Sony MDR-100ABN. Plantronics sounds definitely worse for me, with much worse ANC, will miss auto-pause though.


One thing I always found a bit weird....The press were really slow in reviewing the original back beats, which was a real shame as they truly deserve / deserved much better coverage.....Plantronics need a better marketing dept.......


Got em today! :D.....and they are very good from initial impressions. A bit bass heavy out of the box, but playing with the sound settings in the creative android app and via the music player they sound really nice....a lot of running in to do still. Good solid construction, and not as gaudy in my subjective opinion as other reviewers have mentioned. Comfortable with my glasses on....and without. Button locations will take no time in getting used to....good placement and easy to remember. These represent excellent value for money at this early stage of usage...... I do miss the class 1 bluetooth and the brill pause facility of the Back Beat Pro's but at the price I paid, they represent excellent value for money. The true test will be on the London Underground.....once they fix it ;) Hope this feedback helps ;)

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker was £238 free p&p @ Bax
Found 1st Jan 2016Found 1st Jan 2016
Next cheapest I've found is £169 at Richer Sounds through to £200 at Selfridges. Marshall Acton Black portable speaker black Product no.: 9000-0014-8241 Product information Mar… Read more
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Back to £125.


cold £155


Better than a Bose Soundlink Mini II - only downside it's not chargeable.


Back to £155


Shame there weren't 11 in stock. :D

Squier SA-105 Natural acoustic steel-string guitar natural @ Bax Shop £61.95
Found 17th Dec 2016Found 17th Dec 2016
Looks like a great price for a cheap acoustic to play around with!
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probably as useful as a chocolate TV


I've always had good service from bax. What's your experience?


Really ? Says Kent in the description and only £5 postage ?


Rubbish guitar from a rubbish dealer. Dealer is overseas so good luck if you need any aftercare!


If you buy it with the tuner, there's a 2p discount.... X) X)

SONY MDR100ABNL Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones (Blue) was £219 now £109 @ Bax Shop
Found 14th Dec 2016Found 14th Dec 2016
Originally posted by Vassy4u. original deal was expired because the lead time surged to 26 weeks, but after checking my order today I found out that the it went back to delivery in… Read more

i received it today too. on tidal hifi trial now v pleased with it ;)


​I missed out on the deal, but pleased as punch that you guys got it. Congrats.


Mine delivered today, just charging them now. Have to say very pleased with this deal, many thanks OP.


Had the same yesterday too


Mine's been posted too

Novation Launchpad MK2 MIDI studio controller £117 @ Bax-shop
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
Looked around, and found this gem at £117.00, everywhere else is at least £150+ Free delivery too. Site says 19 left, be quick. Merry Christmas.

I have this. It is awesome!


£127 now. I'd love a good deal on the pro!


I have the Mini MK2, beautiful thing.


Illegal ?


£250 for two.

Roland DR880 Drum Machine @ Bax Shop £174 (RRP £610)
Found 12th Oct 2016Found 12th Oct 2016
I can't see anywhere where it says ex-demo or b-stock but this seems like an absolute bargain. Everywhere else that has stock has it around £450

I used to have a Boss DR880 back in the old days. I bought it thinking it might be a good substitute for a Roland TR909. I was very wrong. Just not the same, even though it includes 808 and 909 samples. That being said £174 is probably a good price but i think it's gone back up now.


If you're struggling to find the shop you could use a Tom Tom.


Was gonna take the plunge earlier, checked now and it's gone back up to £500. You reckon the misprice will be honored?




Did anyone get one of these? If anyone has a spare I'd be willing to buy it :) Deal seems to have expired!